List Of All Shoeplay Clips

  • #279 Ukrainian BK Giggle

    Teen girls airing their socks out at Burger King

    2a_xOh dear. Had I known this before, I would have ordered a drink or two. It was a saturday afternoon, I was in the center of my town when it suddenly started to rain quite heavily.

  • #278 Summer Gym LR

    Never say never to locker rooms!

    Six years ago I did a so called “once in a lifetime” project and honestly I thought and told everyone that I won’t ever do this again. But here we are…

    dd2_xIt was a warm summer night, I was sitting at the Rhine river and thought of the Gym Locker Room clip which I did in winter of early 2017. Many things have changed since then, especially the clothes and shoe style of the girls.

  • #277 Wiggling Nylon Feet

    Nylon ped socks in the wild

    3a_xLast week I searched in my long list of unreleased clips and stumbled upon this beauty. As this is mainly a shoeplay site, I haven’t tagged clips without shoeplay in the first place, but there are so many hidden gems.

  • #276 Dangling Boots

    Dangling and dipping in boots is rare, but in summer it is double rare!

    ca_x2I remember a guy who had asked me if I own any boots dangling stuff. In general I have almost everything you can imagine but in this case I had to say no. Until now.

  • #275 The Socks Stalker

    Hunting down the sandals again

    1_xYou know, I have a strange passion for those rude teen girls, especially when they are wearing sneaker socks in sandals. This time I was hooked by pinkish socks with fluffy Bench sandals.

  • #274 Flappy Mom

    You want Birkenstocks? Here they are.

    3_xaWhen searching for a good title for this clip, I had to smile. I don’t know if this is a special genre of dangling when the protagonist is clapping her shoe rapidly against her heel.

  • #273 Shoe Store Compilation Vol. 5

    After 4 long years of drought I’m back in the stores!

    32b_xIf there is one thing I’ve missed in Covid times the most, then it is strolling around in shoe stores and hunting for girls trying on new shoes, get a glance of dirty and sweaty socks and the bare feet.

  • #272 Rubbing The Pole

    c_xWhite flats with dirty ped socks is always a good combination. In this case I was outside with Ruth, a good friend of mine. She has assisted in some projects for fussphantasie, so she clearly knows what I’m doing.
    And as I almost never go outside without a camera – just to be prepared – Ruth doesn’t ask questions.

  • #271 Sneaker Dangle

    2_xI just almost spilled out my coffee bursting in laughter… Please don’t judge me, but I asked ChatGPT again to tell a short story involving white sneakers, bare feet and red toe nails with some dangling action. Here is what I got:

  • #270 Italian Girly Flats

    3_xIt is a long time since I’ve posted my last socks and flats clip here. Mostly because I know that I’m a die hard fan of this combination but not so many of you are. Nevertheless, I have plenty of those clips unreleased, so now it is time again.

  • #269 Mommy’s Dirty Feet

    ba2_xSorry guys, I’m still not recovered yet. That’s why I have asked ChatGPT to “write a few sentences about mommy’s dirty feet”. The result was the following:

  • #268 Goodbye Summer Socks

    I’m in love with those dirty soles!

    db2_xBefore we come to the pretty girl with her dirty white ankle socks, I want to tell a little story. This is completely irrelevant to the shoeplay, but you will understand my WTFs I went through while capturing.

  • #267 Slovenian Dangle

    Socks in dangling sneakers are quite rare until…

    c_x…the girl is wearing Salomon TA shoes, which are able to lower the back and can be used as kind of slippers. I didn’t know that these shoes exist, I’ve learned it after capturing the clip. Techamphibian 4, thank you Google.

  • #266 Swapping Flats

    Nylon pantyhose in flats is always a win

    b_xThe last few years weren’t the best for flats lovers. Naturally the modern fashion changes from time to time and yes, flats became less popular unless you looked at very young girls.

  • #265 Impossible Mission

    I just wanted to get a picture…

    8a2_xFirst of all, sorry for the massive delays in everything. Covid has knocked me down completely and I’m still recovering. Will get to every mail and registration soon. Stay safe guys, can’t emphasize this enough.

  • #264 Bus Stop 2

    Heavenly sweaty and abused socks

    9_xEvery once in a while I’m stumbling over some shoeplay totally by accident. I was on my way home and saw this young girl sitting and waiting in the corner of my eye. In general our busses are scheduled to drive every 10 minutes, but this bus came too late.

  • #263 A Teasing Job

    Birkenstock *yawn*

    1bBlabla you know I don’t like Birkenstocks bla repeating my words bla but this time bla haunting bla so yeah.

  • #262 Ugly Shoes

    …but a fascinating and awesome nylon shoeplay!

    5_xSometimes I don’t really know what to write when I publish a clip. Often the pictures are telling much more of a story than words, but in this case I need to explain some of the context.

  • #261 Barefoot In Pumps

    Pumps with high heels, this is quite rare in my town

    b2_xMaybe it’s just me and I overlook this most of the time, but I almost never see shoeplay in pumps when I’m in the city. The shopping streets aren’t comfortable for walking in shoes with high heels because they have cobble stone pavement and I guess this is no coincidence.

  • #260 School Girl Sandals

    White ankle socks with Adiletten

    4_xI’ve searched the web but I could not find a fitting translation for the German word “Adiletten”. This is a combination of Adidas and Sandalette (sandal).

  • #259 Peekatoe

    I have already named a clip Peek-A-Boo, so yeah…

    3_xDo you know this game for little babies? Peekaboo or in German “Guck Guck”? Hide your face with your hands and whimsically smiling while removing them? All babies love it. And all foot guys love it when a girl slips out of her flats and shows us her toes.

  • #258 Nike AF1 Sage Low

    Goodbye to 2021!

    6a_xThis year comes to an end. Finally… As I said in my Christmas article at fussphantasie, this wasn’t the year I was expecting. But the good thing is, we have some light at the end of the tunnel. At least this winter feels different and not so lonely for me than the last one.

  • #257 Dangling Up Front

    In your face, b*tch!

    a_xMost of candid clips are captured from behind or from the side. This is quite common, as it is much easier to hide the camera. The level up is definitely a scene from the front, this is much more difficult and quite dangerous.

  • #256 Stinky Flats


    d_xAt least the majority of us like the smell of trashed and well worn flats, especially in summer, when the girls are wearing them barefoot the whole time.

  • #255 Good Old Times

    Nylon pantyhose and flats at a trade fair

    k_xLast week I stumbled upon this clip and wondered why I haven’t released it sooner. I have a large amount of unreleased clips, good at some point, but quite useless when they don’t enter the game.

  • #254 Hunting High And Low

    Pink Burlington socks with red flats

    4_xI can’t really explain what this means to me. Somehow there are many triggers in my life which came together when I discovered this girl in her 20ies, but what I can say is that I was hopelessly excited and nervous.

  • #253 Playful Soles

    Bare soles with champagne Birkenstock Madrid

    1_xGet it if you can. That’s the motto in my recent months. You all know that I don’t like Birkenstocks very much, but I’m thankful for such joyful moments anyway.

  • #252 Puma Carina Dip

    White socks in white sneakers short before sundown

    8_xIt was a very warm day and I visited the Rhine river. I had my board with me and wanted to get a bit of fresh air, so I drove a round through the city. By chance I saw this pretty lady in her 20ies dipping her feet.

  • #251 Black Pantyhose In Air

    Worn flats with nylon pantyhoses are awesome!

    d_xMan, how long did I wait for this? It felt like ages. Long cold winter, long cold Covid, long cold whatever – I remember whining about the fact that I only got to see Sneakers and Birkenstocks. Flats? Rare.

  • #250 Sandals & Nylons

    A small compilation with pantyhose in sandals

    3bxTo be fair, I know that probably some of you were expecting another thing to celebrate the 250th clip. But there is a story behind, read on please.

  • #249 New Shoes

    A student with new Birkenstock Madrid Big Buckle

    3b_xThis was a moment where I didn’t thought I would find a clip. I was sitting on a wall with two friends and we were chatting about this and that. Lockdown and social distance was in place so we weren’t allowed to build groups. Our regulatory agency drove by and warned us via loudspeaker. Reminded me a bit of the “внимание внимание” scene in “Chernobyl”, absolute brilliant series by the way.

  • #248 Dirty Ankle Socks

    What a wonderful view in this early spring

    5a_xThe weather is going mad the last weeks. In the midth of February we had masses of snow and -15°C in Germany. Two weeks later the sun is shining, snow is gone and the temperature rises up to 20°C – totally crazy. I didn’t expect much last Thursday outside, but I got wonderful dirty white ankle socks to watch.

  • #247 Teenie Flats

    Tan colored pantyhose with white flats

    1l_xThis moment was a dream come true to capture! But at first let me tell you some words regarding the last very lonely weeks…

  • #246 Santa Claus 2020

    The ultimate Sneakers show

    7b_xIt was four years ago when I did this crazy but fun project the last time. This year hit us very hard, almost all projects were cancelled. A few weeks ago I thought that the Santa thing would be the last chance to raise the level up and it is a project which is Corona compliant.

  • #245 Road To Madrid

    Birkenstock dangling on repeat

    d_xWhile the most of us are in quarantine or lockdown, no one can forbid us to do daydreams at home.
    Originally I have planned to visit Spain in December, but I moved this idea to 2021. I stay at home and dream of Madrid instead – more precisely dream of this blond student girl with Birkenstock Madrid’s.

  • #244 Continental 80

    Subtle heelpopping in Adidas sneakers

    1_xIn my little mind I thought that Adidas always has three stripes on their shoes. If not with a leather application, then at least with holes or something.

  • #243 The Pantyhose Pigeon Trauma

    Converse Chucks with a tan colored pantyhose!

    e_xI don’t know if I should feel lucky or pissed. Remember, this year it is difficult enough to capture shoeplay from a good point of view. Corona restrictions require me to register and take a seat which I can’t choose. But choosing is essential to get closer to the subjects.

  • #242 Adidas Playground Love

    A tremendous and skilled dangling show

    7b_xDo you know the movie “The Virgin Suicides” from the year 1999 with the young Kirsten Dunst? The french electronic music group AIR did the soundtrack and there was this one song called “Playground Love”.

  • #241 Teenage Kicks

    A sister is annoying her brother with her naked feet

    3_xI have already written sometimes that I would have liked having a sister in my younger years. Regarding my passion it is irrelevant if she was younger or older, essentially a sister.

  • #240 Mature Birkenstocks

    I’m back in business, but read on please!

    6a_xHey mates, this was a long pause, I know. Maybe some of you have read my posting at fussphantasie regarding this whole Corona mess. If not, it is worth reading as this text is still valid.

  • #239 Worn Out Socks

    Pretty combination of old sweaty socks with Keds

    e_xWhile I was working at this clip, I’ve answered a question via mail, which some people ask over and over again: What camera do you use and which of xyz mini cams would you recommend?

  • #238 Socks And Sandals

    Not quite the german stereotype, but a joy to watch

    9a_xYou all know about the jokes with german guys who are wearing sandals and socks in the summer. But the trend in the last years was that many girls had bath sandals with plush and many of them white ankle socks also in combination.

  • #237 Dangling At Night

    Super dope dangling skills with Birkenstock sandals

    1_xAt first a happy new year mates! Initially I wanted to publish this clip a little bit earlier, but I spent the last three weeks with things I procrastinated for at least 2 years.

  • #236 Wonderwaffel Flats

    Best things happen when you don’t think about it

    3a_xSure, I have always a camera with me when I go outside, but I didn’t expect such a wonderful barefoot flats shoeplay on this rainy day.

  • #235 Tamara – Part 2

    Fake Birkenstock shoes with dirty ankle socks

    2_xThis is the second episode of Tamara, who I got to know some time ago. In this clip you will see endless toe scrunching and rubbing with well worn socks with a dirty footprint on the sole.

  • #234 Tamara – Part 1

    Wonderful sneaker shoeplay with socks

    s1_xBefore I go into detail, I have to tell a short story. In my hometown there are certain places, where  some kinds of people meet almost every day. Their origin is mostly from the same country, for example Russians or Romanians.

  • #233 Ebony Teen Feet

    Finally I got a good clip in the subway!

    7_xI was often wondering how other guys captured shoeplay in subways or trains. For years I’m riding trams but I never saw a good situation which was worth capturing. Yes, maybe a shoe dropped off or such, but a real shoeplay? Perhaps I just hadn’t enough luck?

  • #232 Glittery Feet

    Barefoot in plastic sandals with plush

    1a_xThese shoes have a real top phase in Germany since last year. I don’t know how it is in other countries, but the man who thought “Hey, let’s glue some plush on cheap plastic sandals and sell them as the new shit” must be very rich now.

  • #231 Hilfiger Flats

    Nylon pantyhose in flats, a very good combination

    8_xI was walking by this café and had a destination in mind where I wanted to go. Suddenly I glanced a bit of nylon dipping in flats and I stopped immediately. It was a pretty blond haired girl with a tan coloured pantyhose and black flats.

  • #230 Barefoot Nike’s Dip

    An awesome skilled mature shoeplay

    4_xWhen it’s warm outside, I’m quite often visiting our river which divides the town in two halves. There is a large area with green grass, some sidewalks to roam around, a sandy beach and a gorgeous view to our famous Dome.

  • #229 Skilled Toe Rubbing

    Just move on…

    9_xThis pause came quite unexpected for me. As you may have noticed, there was some serious stuff going on at fussphantasie, so I decided to halt publishing new clips for a while. Didn’t want to call for the devil.

  • #228 Sneakers Pantyhose Shoeplay

    My wishes have been heard, I was on fire!

    7_xIt was a lazy sunday afternoon. I was walking down the street, a little bit tired of the hours I was on my way, when I suddenly discovered some slightly dirty cotton pantyhose feet playing with black sneakers.

  • #227 Wiggling School Girls

    Not one, not two, no… Five!

    1_xSometimes the good things simply happen by chance. I was sitting outside in front of a church, resting from a longboard ride and watching the people walking by. Then a group of five school girls came and sat down at a table from a nearby ice cream café.

  • #226 Ballerina Toeplay

    Nylon Pantyhose on a tall (hot) blonde

    7_xDo you know the documentary talhotblond? It just came to my mind when writing the headline. No, this clip doesn’t have any references to it. This is something completely different for sure.

  • #225 Shoe Store Compilation Vol. 4

    I’m all about the socks, ’bout the socks, nanana…

    bd2_xThere isn’t any reference to Meghan Trainor in this clip, but I had that song in mind while cutting, so excuse this lame and incoherent intro, mates.

  • #224 Summer Sneakers

    Remember the good days when it was hot outside

    8_xHappy new year mates! Many parts of Germany are covered in snow, it is cold, wet, grey skies. Just the right time to dream about the summer and the feet we all love.

  • #223 Adidas Sandals Voyeurism

    Sometimes the clichés simply fit

    d_xBefore I’ll tell the story: This is not a shoeplay clip in the common sense, rather a product of voyeurism and lewdness.
    Now that the facts are clear, I should mention that I have a strange passion for those plastic Adidas sandals in every fashion. Gladly they became fame in Germany this year.

  • #222 Smudgy McDonald’s Feet

    Mommy with dirty feet, daughter with some shoeplay

    8a2_xIn my disctrict there was a street festival with many people outside. The weather was bright and very warm and I was strolling around in hope to get some good shoeplay. When I got inside a McDonald’s to buy a coffee, I discovered dirty old flats from a chubby mommy.

  • #221 Ballerina Sisters

    Not only one flats girl, you’ll get two at once

    9_xIt was one of those days. I felt it was the last day of summer, warm outside, short before evening and the weather forecast predicted autumn for the following days. On my way home I decided to stop at a fast food restaurant and drink a last summer coffee.

  • #220 Converse Socks Girl

    Sneakers, dirty socks and soles exposed – a thriller!

    7_xSometimes I’m joking with my friends that I’d go either to hell or in jail some day. When I recap this recording, I tend to the latter. It was very warm this day and I walked around a lot without much results. I was thinking of a rest when I suddenly stumbled upon some socked soles.

  • #219 Graceland Gizeh Girl

    Recording with pigeon poop on my shoulder!

    1_xReally guys, I don’t know what is more ugly: Walking into a pile of dog poop and scratch this mess out of your profile, or sitting outside with a shitload of pigeon poop on your shoulder, your T-Shirt and your blue jeans. But let me start from the beginning.

  • #218 Superstars

    This is for hardcore Adidas lovers only

    1a_xI just thought that I began almost every text in the last weeks with an annoyed undertone. Mostly because I am not satisfied with the results in this year. I found almost no sneakers play, hardly flats, just Birkenstocks and sandals. Maybe I should do another site with bs-feet?

  • #217 Minnie Mouse On Dope

    Exceptional barefoot soles shoeplay

    ga_xDo you know the meme song “Jizz in my pants” from 2009? Then you may know how I felt when I recorded this clip. It was awesome! A young lady sitting with her friends at a table, dressed with a Minnie Mouse costume and heavenly trashed old red flats.

  • #216 Shoeplay Business

    Young Asian girl in nylon pantyhose and Puma flats

    4b_xI was sitting on a bench, resting from my longboard tour. During recording another girl, I discovered a group of business people at the side. Don’t know the specific country, but they were Asians. All men dressed in black suits and there was only one girl with them.

  • #215 Daughter’s Dip

    Mommy and Kiddie together

    2_xWow, this was insane. From far away I saw the teen girl playing with her socked feet and her sneakers, so I instantly started recording in a mad rush. White worn socks are my paradise, you know it already.

  • #214 Turkish Mommy

    Awesome shoeplay as f*ck

    1_xI was riding my board on the way back home. While driving I always have an eye at the places on the sidewalk. You guessed it, I spotted a turkish lady with her white mules.

  • #213 Double Dangling

    You wanted those shoes, now you’ll get them twice

    3_xThis year is a Birkenstock year. In Germany they are the most worn shoes these days. A bit unlucky for me, because I’m not a great fan of these, but ok, you decide! I spotted these very pretty two young girls outside sitting on a bench.

  • #212 Puma Heels

    Mostly a still image

    8_xThis year is difficult to capture good shoeplay videos. If you are into Birkenstock play, you will probably be in heaven right now, because almost every second girl is wearing them. The other half is wearing all sorts of sneakers and the thing is: There is hardly any shoeplay.

  • #211 Twisted Nylons

    I’ve never seen this before

    2_xQuite amusing and I thought I didn’t see it right in the first place, but this pretty blond girl had her extremely trashed nylon socks twisted under her sole.

  • #210 Shoe Store Compilation Vol. 3

    A risky business

    Now we can call this a series I guess. This time I captured 24 girls and women in different shoe stores.

    1b_xI’ve said it before, many times. Capturing girls is one thing, especially when you don’t want to be screwed. But recording with hidden cams in a shoe store is a whole next level.

  • #209 Mustang Chucks

    If there aren’t original Converse, we’ll take Mustang’s instead

    8_xIt was a warm day outside, short before a beginning thunderstorm. I was sitting at a café and wanted to leave, until this couple came to the table beside me. Ok, then let’s wait.

  • #208 Romanian Dipping

    I have a strange passion for those girls

    8_xWhenever I go outside and discover great shoeplay, it is mostly from Turkish, Russian or East European girls, don’t know why. Maybe it is the town I’m living in or the quarters I visit frequently, but this obsesses me. And I’m happy about it.

  • #207 Nylons In Pumps

    She reminded me of the overly attached girlfriend

    6_xI’m quite sure that you all know about Laina and her performance at Youtube some time ago. The meme spread all around the world and unlike others, Laina is very pretty at all and got a large fan community.

  • #206 Thrilling Barefoot Play

    This girl gave me chills

    5c_xIt was one of those days in late summer. Warm outside, sun was shining and I walked my route through the town. Eventually I discovered a bright orange top which belonged to a pretty girl in her 20ies.

  • #205 Birkenstock Dangling FTW

    Happy new year, dear foot mates!

    7_xSo, it has been a long time since the last clip. Thank you all for your messages and mails during that time, I hope you had a merry christmas and a good turn of the year. And no, my websites aren’t going to die, as someone in the shoutbox assumed. I’m full of energy and I’m very looking forward to the coming spring season.

  • #204 Yummy Nylons

    No foot title

    No nylon headline

    4xI’m just kidding, mates. My head is filled with cotton wool and my nose is hurting, glad I can see through my eyes again. Late November and everyone around me is sneezing and snorting. I couldn’t even smell those gorgeous feet in the clip if I had the chance to.

  • #203 Cinderella Vans

    Barefoot dipping

    You won’t believe, what happens at the end of this clip!

    9a_xGranted, this is clickbaiting. But as you can guess from the title, the final part of the clip has something to do with Cinderella. She lost her shoes and the prince was trying to find the right one for the princess.

  • #202 Dirty Soles

    Just lick

    Imagine you’re rubbing those bare feet with your watered tongue.

    e_xOne of those days again when I wasn’t expecting that much. I was sitting around, checking my mobile phone and accidentally discovered those two young ladies. One german, the other turkish. The german was wearing red sandals and the turkish lady had nothing at her feet because she was dipping and playing with her flats-style shoes.

  • #201 Stinky Socks & Crocs


    Not only I’m a big fan of dirty and worn out stinky socks, I’d die for it.

    8_xMeanwhile I know that there aren’t as much dirty socks lovers outside as me. Most of you prefer nylon socks and pantyhose with pretty feet. Then see this clip as a niche for the special ones, the good ones, the olfactory ones.

  • #200 Anniversary Nylons Vol. 2

    Number 200

    I like large full numbers, this is a reason to celebrate again!

    3_cIt was a no brainer for me that this clip would be a compilation again. Although I had several ideas for special collections, I wanted this to be a nylon clip again. In my database I have so many short clips which are too good to throw away.

  • #199 Nylons & Rubber Flats

    I thought I’ve seen everything

    Feet will get stinky in rubber shoes, period.

    e_xI mean, come on! We all know rubber boots, right? The ones you are wearing when you go fishing. Or in modern times as an accessoire for pretty girls in the rain. Hunter boots are somewhat common now. But I have never seen rubber FLATS before.

  • #198 Mature Dangling

    Granny toes

    An elegant and very skilled silver lady

    8_xWho said that only teens do good shoeplay? I know, it was me. But on my way home I stumbled upon this lady in a turquoise dress. She had crossed her legs and was dangling a black flat shoe on her toes.

  • #197 Silver Chucks

    A pretty girl in fancy Converse sneakers

    The Chucks had a patina, the socks too…

    da_xSo yeah, once again a girl with socks in Chucks. This year is pretty hard to capture shoeplay with sneakers, don’t know why. Most of the time I see feet IN sneakers, not outside. Gladly I stumbled upon this very pretty brown haired girl with her socked heels popping out.

  • #196 Sexy Birkenstock Feet

    Awesome barefoot shoeplay

    A young turkish girl was playing with her fake Birkenstocks all the time.

    3_xYou know me, I’m not the guy who neccessarily loves flip-flops and Birkenstocks. I’m more into flats and sneakers, but many of you would die for this. Especially in the US there are many Birkenstock lovers.

  • #195 Rub And Dip

    Back in business

    Never had such a long pause, but sometimes health is more important. And if recovery starts with such a clip, everything else can be forgotten.

    c_xOne of my favorite cafés in town is a good place for chilling and observing people. Almost every day I cross the place and stop there to drink my obligatory coffee. It was warm and everybody seems happy about the fine weather. And then there was this woman.

  • #194 Lesbian Footsie

    This is very rare

    I never saw two girls doing footsies under the table and I have to admit that this was rather erotic.

    3axWe are all into shoeplay, right? But sometimes it is fine to cross the border just to experience something new. On my way home I discovered a girl with long brown hair who aired her white ankle socks out of her sneakers. Instant capture.

  • #193 Gym Locker Room

    The once in a lifetime sweaty socks show

    Imagine you are lying under a wooden bench in a gym and have the chance to smell all those shoes and sweaty socks of the girls after training…

    9a_xcSince I was a school boy I dreamt of dirty and sweaty socks of my classmates. I thought it must be heaven to lie under a bench of a locker room and this picture followed me for years. No need to explain that this most probably won’t ever happen in your life. Until now!

  • #192 Diggle Wipper

    Typo intended

    What is better than a girl dipping and wiggling in her Chucks? Right, two girls.

    8axThis was rather weird. I saw these two pretty girls sitting next to each other. One of them was wearing creme coloured Converse Chucks and white sporty ankle socks. She was dipping her feet in her shoes and I started the cam. Until I noticed that her friend did the same with rose Chucks and grey ankle socks, what a dream.

  • #191 Awesome Barefoot Play

    Almost like a teen

    A girl in her 20ies did some very skilled moves

    1xI was on my way home after a long day. It was one of those days where I expected nothing more to see and where I was happy to rest. But then a bright pink flashed my eyes and out of those pink flats popped some bare toes. Wow.

  • #190 Black Pantyhose Dangling

    Thin black nylons with elegant flats

    When a lady is dangling her shoes, it is a no-brainer to start the capture.

    1xIt is spring in my hometown and I was walking around the well known streets. Every year the surroundings change, some good spots are gone, few others arise. On my way I saw a 30-something lady, dressed in elegant clothes and dangling her flats at the tip of her toes.

  • #189 Pantyhose Spring

    Nylon toes say hello

    The sweet taste of the first sunbeams are here and the air almost smells like spring, finally.

    6aBirds are cheeping, air gets warm and the sun reveals her first bright beams into our hearts. I love this time, all is getting awake. Shoe wise, most of the girls are in winter mode yet. Many boots around, but there are some women here and there who changed their shoes.

  • #188 Ankle Socks Dipping

    Can’t wait for the summer

    These are pictures you won’t see in winter. It’s like a cold turkey…

    3xLast weekend it was a bit warmer, the air smelled like spring and the sun was shining. After those long cold weeks it is a bit of a foretaste what we can expect in the next months. Oh my.

  • #187 Granny’s Toes

    Mature nylon pantyhose

    Do you like watching toes in the wild? Without shoeplay?

    dxGranted, I love shoeplay. Sometimes I find a situation, where almost nothing happens but only a little bit of toe movements. And this is catching me due to a trigger. In the case of the grandma it was the dirty dyed imprint at her toes.

  • #186 Just Heelpopping

    Flats with nylon ped socks

    Many girls are wearing peds in flats, at least the Turkish girls

    1xIt is pretty common for Turkish girls in Germany that they’re wearing nylon socks in their shoes. So if I see a family group, the chance is fairly high that you are getting some good shots. As in this clip.

  • #185 Stinky Feet Rub

    She walked the whole day

    We all know how bare feet are beginning to sweat and grow a decent flavour in flats, especially when the girls are on tour.

    6axI stumbled upon this woman when I was on my way home. It’s hard to guess how old she was, I suppose something in the end of 20/beginning of 30 years old. She had longer hair with a bun and was wearing blue jeans with a long thin cagoule.

  • #184 Teenage Pop

    A reminiscence of the last fall

    I can’t wait to have spring again, really. I’m so longing for those flats playing.

    e1xWinter is a hard time for me. Not only it gets dark early and it is cold outside, there is almost no shoeplay in the wild. Gladly I captured many clips to get over this time, but I need the thrill of filming so much…

  • #183 The Hostess Trilogy

    Two days the same pantyhose

    I dared almost too much, but it was worth it. Now I’m the weirdo forever or so…

    6acWhere should I begin to tell the story? You know, motorshows are a rather good place to capture some shoeplay. Not that wonderland as one would guess, but there are usually one or two girls who do some action. Maybe even more, unless you consider the people walking around you. And surely you want to stay undiscovered.

  • #182 Inside And Out

    The twen with the teen spirit

    Take a pretty young girl with bare feet, give her flats and wait for the fantastic dipping and dangling show.

    acThe older a girl gets, the less is her shoeplay. Mostly. But not in this case. A very pretty blonde in her 20ies with bare feet, blue flats and tight blue jeans did a really good shoeplay job for us.

  • #181 Mature Ped Soles

    Show off some sweat and dirt

    I didn’t know that the mature fanbase is so large, so here’s one for you.

    2aRecently I stumbled upon some threads and it seems that mature feet are always welcome in the community. For my personal needs it is more or less equal which girl or woman does shoeplay, main point for me is play and dirt.

  • #180 Santa Claus 2016

    We taketh and we giveth

    It lasted 100 clips to do this crazy thing again

    9aA comment at youtube brought me to the idea, to play St. Nicholas again. Remember the clip #80 two years ago? We visited some houses and made unknown girls a present by putting sweets and nuts into their shoes which were lying in the staircase.

  • #179 Shoe Store Compilation Vol. 2

    What’s your flava?

    Al Bundy strikes back again. At least I put myself into his virtual costume and captured 21 girls in different stores.

    e3_cThis sounds so fucking easy: “I captured lalala girls…”
    I think no one can imagine how difficult it is to hide the camera, get the right exposure and most important a good viewing angle.

  • #178 Dirty Disney Dream

    “Oh no, not socks and flats again!”

    Sure! I love them, especially when the socks are dirty.

    iaWell, I could copy and paste some intro text from another clip here, because my passion stays the same, forever. When I see girls in flats with dirty socks, I could die. Almost.

  • #177 Peek-A-Boo

    Poor girl

    You know the young women who try to persuade you to change your religion?

    aaI don’t want to discuss about religion. Seriously, I have no preferences and all people are the same to me. But there are many people who advertise their own confession with big posters and small books while standing on the sidewalk.

  • #176 Skechers Dip

    The glory of Skechers Bobs

    This year it was pretty hard to find a good sneakers shoeplay, but this girl did it.

    haI never thought I’d say this, but I start to hate Nike sneakers. Not because they are ugly, but because the girls almost never put them off. Maybe they’re too comfy? Don’t know. Gladly I stumbled upon this young girl who did a nice dipping show with her Skechers.

  • #175 Dancing Flats

    The power of a Boosted Board

    There are some moments where technology and feet fit perfectly together.

    2aGranted, I need to explain something. For a few weeks I own a Boosted Board clone. Mainly I wanted it as a remote camera dolly, but the nice side effect is to be able to cruise through the streets in town. There was a learning curve for me as I didn’t skate before, but ok, everything went well.

  • #174 The Dangling Asian

    Pretty toe cleavage with ice licking

    This title sums it up, but there are a few more words to say.

    4aThe protagonist is a pretty Asian girl, hard to guess how old she is, but I think she is in the beginning of her 20ies. The girl was sitting on a bench together with two guys, they were resting and eating ice cream.

  • #173 Marina’s Socks

    This is special

    Yeah guys, I know this isn’t shoeplay, but the socks are worth it to be captured.

    2aOne day I was on my way back home after a long day of walking around. I walked on by a group of tourists who did a rest on two benches. Most of the words I could not understand, but I heard that they called the protagonist “Marina”.

  • #172 Italian Student Pantyhose

    Back in business

    The waiting time is over. I moved to a new home and all is working again. What could be better to start over with hot and fresh nylon shoeplay?

    8baI was lucky yesterday, because I just wanted to enjoy the last summer days after weeks of hard work. There wasn’t much time to go outside and capture shoeplay. So I was more than happy to stumble upon this pretty Italian student.

  • #171 The Art Of Shoeplay

    Oh! My! God!

    Dirty white ped socks meet cheap trashed ballerina flats. This combination alone is awesome, but the girl gave me double chills.

    kaGuys, we have to talk! You know I do this site for over two years now. The shoeplay scene is a niche, not every one loves this, but the ones who do are fans of the real world. No staged lollipops and red balloons, but the awesomeness of the women and girls around us.

  • #170 Bottom Right

    This title has a double meaning

    Shoutbox users demanded this clip and I’m happy to deliver this awesome barefoot shoeplay for you!

    5aRecently I asked you which clip you’d like to see next. This preview thumbnail was on the bottom right position, so you get the first meaning. The second: This girl with somewhat small feet sat right in front of me and her feet were – guess – in the bottom right corner of my eyes.

  • #169 sneakernylonplay

    Constantly moving feet

    Did anyone say that only teen girls do much shoeplay? In general you are right, but this awesome woman teaches us the opposite.

    gfaTo say it short: Sometimes I beg to heaven that a shoeplay scene stops. Why? Because I can’t deal with it for such a long time when I’m so excited. Normally you capture half an hour or more, watch some longer boring scenes and wait for the next mini climax. But what if the whole capture is one large climax without an interruption?

  • #168 Awesome Nylon Girl

    Crazy as hell

    When it comes to nylon pantyhose plus light colored trashed flats, I lose my mind regularly.

    9aSo it was on this day. I walked around the very crowded town and saw a group of people sitting at a table on the sidewalk. There were two girls, one I couldn’t really see, but the other had those mentioned combination of ballerina flats and a nylon pantyhose.

  • #167 Heelpop Flats

    Coffee & Milk

    Normally the colours are the other way round, now we have black socks with white flats.

    6aYes, I know, some of you hate me now. Because of socks in flats… Personally I love them. Especially when it is not the standard, as we’ve seen so often.

  • #166 Flats & Thick Feet

    Fiction vs. Reality

    I know that I’ll touch taboos with these kind of clips.

    1aRelated to recent studies, almost every 2nd adult is overweight. Teens tend to gain more and more weight in their younger years, the percentage is around 20-30%
    Seemingly this is an accepted fact in our culture and generation.
    But why are “real” clips only showing thin and model-esque girls?

  • #165 Standing Whole Day

    Poor woman had hot and sweaty feet

    The moment when I got so thrilled that I’d rather drop the cam

    eaWe have an organisation in town for which members do advertising on the street. They are standing for hours at different places and smile to the crowd. Always kind and friendly people,  with a slightly conservative clothing, but many pretty girls.

  • #164 Nervous Pantyhose

    I love clamping toes

    Personally I get a flash when I see soles which are waving to me constantly.

    aaIt was warm outside. Too warm for wearing leather boots. The same thought had a pretty blond girl, who was sitting with two girlfriends at a table. They were enjoying cold drinks while I was standing in the sun.

  • #163 Icy

    Sometimes my titles really make sense

    A pretty young girl was licking ice cream and played with icy colored linen shoes.

    abI really don’t know, maybe someone can help me? Are those shoes plimsoles? Plimsolls? Sneakers? In Germany we’d call them “Turnschuhe”, but that’s a whole range of shoes and most of us don’t care either.

  • #162 Torn Plimsoles

    Those sneakers are short before their EOL

    If you see those soles, you might imagine how old the shoes are and how the smell will be inside.

    8aTwo pretty girls in their 20ies sat at a table outside and were drinking some beer. They spoke English and for tourists it is common that they taste our German goodies for sure.

  • #161 Airing Out Airmax

    Rare combination with Nike and nylons

    You won’t see this every day, at least I don’t.

    9aI was amazed when I walked by, because there was a girl in her 20ies who was airing out her pantyhose feet. Maybe this is a thing you will see more often, but she had Nike Airmax!

  • #160 Rubbing Feet

    Dipping and rubbing feet in flats

    Watch a cute blonde with her soft and bare soles.

    1aLast week I enjoyed the warm and sunny weather outside. Lots of people on the street, finally the winter has ended. And this is the time when pretty girls start to play with her shoes.

  • #159 Get A Sniff

    Socked feet waving to you

    Two pretty girls lay on the lawn and were airing out their hot soles.

    faI guess I have to do this every spring: Capture a nice sock scene in the sun. This is a shoeplay site, but there are many of us who like to watch socked soles from pretty girls, so here is version 2016.

  • #158 Pure Flats Dangling

    Tip tapping

    This woman could dangle her flats the whole time without interruption.

    1aOne of those days again. I just started to walk around my favourite places and saw this woman in her early 30ies sitting with two elder women outside. They were resting, enjoying their drinks and smoked some cigarettes.

  • #157 Converse Popper

    Finally, Happy New Year!

    Spring starts with pretty ankle socks and Chucks, now the feet come out again.

    6bThis year sun and warmth came late, so I went to trade fairs and such. But deep in my heart I like to walk around outside the most, because there are so many things to see. Plus there is light. For a night time worker this is essential.

  • #156 Mature Toe Wiggle

    As requested…

    This is a special kind of clip, because it serves a niche. Mature nylon toes airing out!

    4aI had to smile a bit the last days, because someone requested “moar toes, moar nylons, moar nail polish and faceshot man!” – As if this site lacks this, but that’s another story. So yeah, here it is: Toes, nylon socks and nail polish.

  • #155 Ebony Dipping

    Dark bare feet

    Even a fly sucked at her sole…

    4aMost of the ebony shoeplay clips I see at American sites. Probably this is, because there are more Africans or Latinos than here in Germany. In my hometown there is a large Turkish population, so yeah, maybe this explains the distribution of shoeplay clips.

  • #154 Peds In Keds

    Super awesome shoeplay

    This is one of those clips, you’ll only get once in a while.

    7aThe leaves were falling from the trees, one of the last days in November and rather warm outside for this season. I walked along my favorite streets and saw this pretty darn good looking Asian girl dipping inside her Keds.

  • #153 Trade Fair Dipper

    Tasty nylons

    I visited this booth two times.

    4aaThat day I was at a furniture trade show. To be honest, not that show where you’d expect much shoeplay. This lady in her 30ies was sitting at a wooden table with a laptop and had a nylon pantyhose with leather loafers at her feet.

  • #152 Licky Licky

    Abracadabra me say Open Sesame

    Sorry for the title, mates, but Leila K. came to my mind when I rendered the clip of those gorgeous toes in black moccasins.

    baYeah, toes, right. Dirty, sweaty and sticky toes fresh out of a pair of leather moccasins. Waving to you as they beg you to clean them with your mouth.

  • #151 Follow Me Around

    Pantyhose in flats

    If I have to go to hell for this, it was totally worth it.

    3caIt was just one of these days when I walked around and didn’t see much shoeplay. Often I sit down somewhere, smoke a cigarette and observe the people. Until I saw those blue flats through the surrounding legs.

  • #150 Barefoot In Flats

    You are the ground

    Watch awesome sweet girl shoeplay from the same height as the feet.

    baMost of the time a camera view is from above, even if you use a case or a bag. This time I had the possibility to shoot the clip directly on a level with the feet. It was possible, because there were stairs.

  • #149 A Hostess A Day

    Sitting there for hours

    Granted, sometimes I’d really like to know what other people around are thinking about me.

    iaIf you want to get a good clip, you sometimes have to be patient. At trade fairs there are many hostesses, but it isn’t true that there is shoeplay heaven. Often I see women in their nylon pantyhoses, but they simply do nothing with their feet.

  • #148 Birkenstock Foot Play

    Sweet bare toes

    A young girl is showing off her pretty feet in her Birkenstocks.

    aaLong time the Birkenstock shoes were old-fashioned in Germany. They had a bad reputation and you saw them most probably at greenie’s feet, if at all. This changed about two years ago and more and more younger and pretty girls discovered them again.

  • #147 The Birthday Nylon Collection

    Two years!

    January the 18th is a special date, so I’d like to share a little bit of fun with you.

    1acOn that day in 2005 I started fussphantasie and it was kind of genius to start the second website on the same day in 2014, so I have to remember one date only. Just kidding. As ever I wondered how I could surprise you. Many of you loved the Anniversary Nylons, so I did this again.

  • #146 Sensible Sock Play

    Sexy as hell

    When a girl is caressing her trashed plimsoles with her socked feet…

    9aaOne of the moments I was risking almost too much. A pretty blond girl in her early 20ies was sitting outside with her parents and they had some coffee. The girl was wearing thin grey socks at her feet, her heels and toes were worn out and her white plimsoles were already broken.

  • #145 Dip’n Shake

    Awesome MILF

    Black pantyhose with red pumps lead to a fascination foot show.

    caOne of those days I didn’t expect too much. Sometimes you’ll walk around for days and won’t see a good shoeplay worth capturing, but in this case this lady fulfilled everything we need.

  • Pantyhose For Christmas

    A free clip for you

    Although I’m rather a Grinch at Christmas, I like to give some small things to the people, either a smile at the supermarket or a clip for my visitors here.

    1aLast year it was a phenomenal coincidence that I found a dangling clip with a Christmas tree in the background. This year I didn’t have such luck, but there are plenty of clips on my hard drive which I will most probably never sell.

  • #144 Just Feet

    Sweaty socks in shoes

    Man, I wished that the girl put her socks on in the end, but no. She went away barefoot on the street.

    9aDo you know that? You walk around and see a pretty girl barefoot, discover that she pulled off her socks and stuffed them into her shoes. To be honest, every time I think of how to sneak the socks the best…

  • #143 Heels And Tires

    Motor Show Dreams

    This hostess had fantastic nyloned feet

    2aaYou may think that it is easy to film a candid clip at a trade fair. After a few fairs I can tell you: It is not. Maybe you’ll capture a few seconds of something, but try to film half an hour and be sure that you’ll get caught.

  • #142 Little Bare Feet

    Princess Flats

    It is a joy watching girls when they do shoeplay like an angel

    3aThe last days of autumn, it was a warm and sunny day and I was on my way back home. While driving on my moped, I saw this girl sitting outside at a fast food restaurant.

  • #141 Plimsoll Dangling

    Skill level: Asian

    I love the Youtube comments when watching a really skilled person who comes from Asia.

    9aIf I put this clip on Youtube, I’m sure this girl in her 20ies would deserve the same comments. She was barefoot in her red plimsoles and did a fantastic job with dangling them.

  • #140 Keds And Chucks

    Two sisters with socked feet

    You’ll barely see one girl with her plimsoles off, now there are just two of them.

    1aCall this luck! When I was walking around the town, I saw a young girl eating some german pastries. Her feet were out of her Keds and she had black ankle socks on, one leg crossed over the other.

  • #139 The Doc Martens Show

    Shoeplay with Docs

    Formerly I had a girlfriend who wore Docs all the time and her feet were pretty stinky when she put them off, this was a feast!

    3bI haven’t seen much Dr. Martens lately. Long time they weren’t hip at all, but it seems that this is changing. Fashion changes, the 80ies are coming back and now you’ll see Docs which are color sequined. Outside taste differs, but I’m sure the feet will be sweaty just as well.

  • #138 American Girl

    Pantyhose play

    When I discover nylons, my mind is getting mad.

    9aWhy? I hope to see the slightly dyed and dirty sole. Besides socks, I have a passion for pantyhose girls in flats. This girl came from the USA, at least her dialect sounded like that.

  • #137 Rough Soles In Sneakers

    Barefoot in Nike shoes

    A lady in her end 20ies does some nice dipping.

    9aaAs I said earlier, this year was difficult to catch shoeplay with sneakers or plimsoles, especially barefoot or with socks other than peds. Most of the girls didn’t put their shoes off, so I was more than happy when I discovered this lady.

  • #136 Tasty Socks And Cream

    Sweaty, worn out and yummy

    A reminiscence to #07, but now “Blue Flats Socked Feet”.

    1cThis is everything you need, literally. Shoeplay is one thing, but dirty white socks is another. When I search the web for good clips, I always stop at this kind: Flats, dirty socks and a good dipping and sole showing show.

  • #135 Shuffling Chucks

    Rare #2

    I know, you guys like barefoot shoeplay in sneakers!

    6aLet me tell you: It is so rare this year, I don’t know why. We had fine weather and such, but shoeplay? Negative. Most girls had those Nike sneakers at their feet and as I could see, all with ped socks. Gladly I stumbled upon some gems here and there.

  • #134 Dipping Teen

    It hurts

    If… then… else… If I did not choose to capture a mature woman, I would have gotten more of this wonderful girl.

    2aThat’s it. I was sitting at a concrete wall and captured mature nylons. Somewhat boring, so I stopped and discovered a pretty young girl 30 meters away. With a nylon pantyhose and flats, dipping beautifully.

  • #133 Dirty Pink Socks

    The most wonderful sock play for my lonely island

    or let’s say: One way how to probably lose your driving license instantly…

    gaMan, I got killed. Almost. Let me tell the story: I was on my way back home in my car, music was loud, had to stop at a crosswalk, stared outside to my left – and saw this girl with her wonderful pink socks rubbing her dirty toes at the chair.

  • #132 Mrs. Stinkyfeet

    Heavenly trashed and dirty

    You see some shoes from outside and you can guess, how the smell is inside.

    4aThis blond beauty was sitting with two guys outside at a table. I saw her going to the toilet, so I searched a good position for filming, because I discovered her trashed flats before.

  • #131 Restless Girl

    Peds in flats

    When I walk around and see a girl shoeplaying, I can’t go on. I have to grab it.

    7aThis girl, I suppose her being Polish, had some cream coloured and worn out flats, ped socks with the same color and skinny leggings on. From far away I could see that she must have been slightly nervous.

  • #130 Sweet Toe Play

    Cherry on ice

    A blonde in her late 20ies with elegant sandals caught my attention.

    9baTo be honest, I am not so much the barefoot and sandals fan. Personally I prefer the hidden things, which stimulate my fantasy, but this blond girl was nice to watch.

  • #129 Fighting Rebels

    Socks, my a$$

    Ironically one of those four girls was wearing a T-Shirt with the clip title written on it. And they nailed it!

    2aaOne sunny day I was lingering at the Rhine meadows. I saw four girls lying down without their shoes. Two had Vans, the other had Converse Chucks and all four girls wore socks, three white, one black.

  • #128 Whole Afternoon Flats

    I met her three times

    Guess you spot a young girl wearing orange coloured flats with dirty bare feet. Then imagine you will see her another two times by pure chance.

    8bThis happened to me one sunny afternoon. I saw the girl sitting with two other persons eating fast food. She had nicely trashed flats at her feet and the other nice thing was, that she was barefoot and had somewhat dirty heels and soles.

  • #127 Hot Ankle Socks

    34° C

    It was so warm that I hardly understand, why girls wear socks in flats.

    5aaNo joke, it was 34° outside and I even considered staying under my ceiling ventilator. Glad I did not, because I discovered white ankle socks in white flats. Rather I saw the heels as the girl played with her shoes.

  • #126 Thick Feet In Pumps

    Like it or not

    One of the clips which splits the users for sure.

    2aWhen I’m outside, I capture almost everything I see. So was this mature woman, sitting with a friend at a coffee table. The lady was in her late 40ies, a little bit corpulent but not so much that you won’t start the cam.

  • #125 Plimsoles Peds Play

    In and out, in and out

    Sometimes I wonder, why girls are doing that, but ok, this is for us!

    aaOn a sunny day I discovered a larger family (or at least family and friends). They were sitting outside on wooden chairs, which had a big pole as a resting place. One of the girls had black and white striped ped socks and plimsoles at her feet.

  • #124 Subtle Soles

    Dirty bare feet

    Difficult to catch, but yummy to watch.

    2aThis was one of those days where I’d like to cry out loud “go away man!” – I saw a pretty girl in her 20ies with her bare feet out of her flats. Her ankles were crossed and her soles were dirty.

  • #123 Awesome Black Pantyhose

    A dream comes true

    School girls in nylons are one thing, but in black tights it is another. This clip reminds me of my lonesome days watching at girls’ feet while learning.

    4aWhere should I begin to tell the story? Sunny day, walking around, discovering a girl in black pantyhose and flats, blue dress, sunglasses. Immediately I started capturing, although there was no good place at first, but I found one pretty fast.

  • #122 Resting Sport Socks

    After workout

    When a bunch of girls did some sort of sports, their socks will be damply for sure.

    5aI stumbled upon these girls while walking around. They were sitting at a restaurant and probably eating salad. All around 20yrs old, but I couldn’t figure out which kind of sports they did. Maybe soccer or handball? Marathon?

  • #121 Pink Nikes

    Not amused

    This is a really bad clip…

    8aMates, you know that I’m walking around to get always the best clips possible for you. Very often I capture scenes which I will never publish, got hundreds of those clips. They are simply just not good enough for cc-feet.

  • #120 Turkish Nylon Soles

    Somehow ultra sexy

    When some things come together, the fortune is on one’s side.

    7abIt was a sunny day and I was driving home with my moped. Kind of chilling on it, watching the people around me walking. Then I discovered this really pretty Turkish girl with long open dark hair.

  • #119 Ankle Socks Exposed

    Yummy sweaty socks

    There was no second to consider, if I capture this or not.

    2aWhen I’m walking around and see some light socks from a young girl, I won’t wait and see. I instantly grab a chair while the camera is already running.

  • #118 Small Feet

    Sweet barefoot shoeplay

    Apparently it is a law that younger girls do nicer shoeplay than older ones.

    4aAt least girls with tiny feet do more uncontrolled action, I observed this many times now. This clip is one more in the category barefoot with flats.

  • #117 Peds Dangling Extreme

    Just insane

    I didn’t expect this when I started capturing!

    3baWalking by, I saw a young woman in her 20ies sitting on a bench with one foot slipped out of her flats. She was massaging her ped socks covered foot and I thought “well, ok, start the cam”.

  • #116 Nike Sneakers Shoeplay


    Every day you’ll see girls in Nike’s, but most of them never put their shoes off.

    9aThe most exciting moments happen, when you don’t think about it. I was driving along with my moped and saw those wonderful light ped socks in the corner of my eye.

  • #115 Super Smeary Toes

    “Lick us” they said

    Insane detailed documentary how sweaty toes look like, when a girl worked the whole day walking on her feet.

    5aThis was one of my golden moments again. Walking by, I saw this pretty brown haired girl sitting outside. She was barefoot and got rid of her plimsoles, playing with her toes.

  • #114 Trashed Nylons

    I love it

    The most probable answer to the question, what will happen with those trashed nylons after the girl pulled them off, is killing me.

    6aFoot fetishism is different for all of us. Sometimes I like the tension, when I think about of never getting something I really want. Look at this girl, pretty, brunette hair, coming from a shopping tour.

  • #113 Puma With Peds

    Got it by accident

    Normally you won’t see socks in these type of shoes.

    3aWhen girls are wearing ped socks, often you will not see them but think the girls are barefoot. In this case I was observing another girl on the street and had much luck that I discovered the young dark haired woman with her peds.

  • #112 Bus Stop

    From dusk till bus

    I stumbled upon this girl while walking to my post office box in the evening.

    caShe was sitting there on a bench and played with her white flats. Gladly I had my cams with me, so I didn’t think twice and began to capture. Although it got dark outside, my cams did a wonderful job in lowlight.

  • #111 Tha Nylon Playa

    Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle

    So, this is clip #111 and I had to choose a scene which comes up to that special number. Give a +1 for this heavenly nylon shoeplaying girl!

    5abShort story beforehand: I saw that girl, assuming her in her mid 20ies, sitting with another woman at a café and saw her moccassin flats but no shoeplay at all, so I walked on by. Gladly I came back 10 minutes later, because then I saw her beautiful slightly dirty nyloned sole.

  • #110 Waiting Girl

    Couldn’t stand still

    A young girl who was waiting with some others for one familiy member. Not that easy to follow her actions.

    6aIt was sunny and I had a coffee to go, resting from a long walk through masses of people. I wanted to capture shoeplay, but it was almost impossible due to the many tourists populating the city. Until I discovered this young girl…

  • #109 Dirty Dipper

    Heavy sandy soles

    These need a strong tongue to clean them.

    1aWhen the weather gets warmer, more and more girls leave their shoes and walk on the streets with their bare feet. Naturally they get very dirty.

  • #108 Nervous Nylon Heels

    Trashed in every way

    I love this combination of skinny leggings, tan coloured nylons and a well worn pair of flats.

    1aTwo pretty young women were enjoying her coffee outside of my beloved bakery. Both girls were in the beginning of her 20ies, one long dark haired, the other blond. The blond girl had Birkenstocks and pretty toes, the other trashed flats and nylons.

  • #107 Dangling Mules

    Wooden sole

    One of you requested, I delivered. It was kind of luck though.

    1aAs you probably don’t know, there is no plan to go outside to capture this or this. You are dependent on the situations you’ll get and often it needs a good portion of luck to find something, which is one’s dream.

  • #106 Superstar Dip

    Dipping and wiggling

    If girls wear ped socks and sneakers, most of the time you do not know which secret is inside their shoes.

    2aThis very pretty and tall young dark blond girl was eating Italian food at a café with her friends. From far away I saw that she had pink Adidas Superstars with white dotted ped socks at her feet.

  • #105 Sweaty Soaked Pantyhose

    Call it #nylongate

    Man, this was so ridiculously exciting, that I walked back with three legs.

    2aI’ll call her Aunt Mary from now on. Aunt Mary had a passion for nylon pantyhoses and she had the habit to change these not very often. Sometimes she was wearing them for more than three days up to one week. Maybe this was because of the after war generation? I don’t know.

  • #104 Chase The Leopard

    Master class shoeplay

    What would you say if I told you that I used 4 cameras to capture this clip?

    6aIndeed, I did. Granted, the 4th camera was only a small addition, but this is the first time at this site that you will see one and only shoeplay from so many viewing angles.

  • #103 Very Dry Heels

    So young, but yet so rough

    Imagine you see a pretty blond girl who takes much care in her clothes, and then you discover that her feet are pretty rough.

    4aSo was this situation. The 20-something blond chick was sitting with a bunch of girlfriends enjoying their coffee outside. After a short time she started to pop her heels out of her flats.

  • #102 Mother & Daughter

    This one is a classic

    Everyone, who bought at least one clip or watched some of the many free clips at Youtube, will know the short scene of a lady’s pantyhose in the trailer.

    2aaYou may ask, why I didn’t post this clip earlier? I don’t know to be honest. There are so many clips and I lost this one out of sight, because I had worked on it already for the trailer.

  • #101 Sweet Wrinkles

    Young princess

    It makes me mad when I see such soles!

    1aAs so often, I was wandering around and discovered a sweet young girl who was barefoot in her flats. This is the kind of combination where I stop immediately to start the capture.

  • #100 Anniversary Nylons

    The 100th clip!

    One hundred is a very special number, right? So let’s celebrate!

    4bLong time I thought about what to do when we reach the number 100. Sometimes there is a coincidence so that I don’t have to dig deeper, so was Christmas. But this time it was more difficult, spring is starting but hasn’t established yet very well.

  • #99 Adorable MILF Pumps

    Pretty pantyhose dangling

    When mommy and daughter go outside and the lady actually outperforms her younger girl, then this is a rare but very good scene.

    1aWe are all into pantyhoses, right? At least most of us do. I saw one lady and her daughter sitting outside, both had black thin pantyhoses covered their legs. The girl had some kind of leather boots on with no shoeplay at all, but mom wore leather pumps with high heels.

  • #98 Springtime Girls

    Just socks

    Wave goodbye to the winter time and welcome the first warm sun beams in this hemisphere.

    3aGranted, the spring hasn’t arrived at the shoe ware. Yesterday was such a beautiful and warm day here, but most of the girls wore still winter shoes. Luckily we have many places to rest on the grass, and in the sun some took their shoes off.

  • #97 Barefoot Heaven

    I had to stop

    Guess you see a wonderful shoeplay show and can’t stand to capture anymore…

    5aMaybe this is a “first world problem” I have, because I capture so many clips in countless hours, but this is a thing I don’t experience very often. I had to go.

  • #96 Turquoise Flats

    The hell is freezing

    Our eyes are often separated by our mind it seems. At least this applies to me.

    1aSometimes it is difficult to decide, if I put a clip up to the store, but this one is too good for keeping it. I don’t want to lose many words on this, watch the pictures and go for it.

  • #95 Hostess Toes

    Shiny Pantyhose

    Things you will see at a motorshow: Tall girls with nylons and pumps, eye candy.

    5abYes, this is another motorshow clip I took short time ago. When winter comes, you have to deal with those weather conditions and have to look for alternatives. The show was one of them.

  • #94 Sneaker Soles

    Awesome pantyhose dipping

    This girl must have some glue at her toes, at least I think so.

    1aConsider you are watching a girl almost two hours long while she is doing some astonishing dipping in her sneakers, but she never ever leaves her shoes. This drove me crazy, literally.

  • #93 Wedge Pumps Pantyhose

    Long Toes

    Normally elder women would wear such pumps, but this is a student in her 20ies.

    a2A brown haired girl with a bob cut was standing in the shopping street outside. It was sunny but fresh, so she had a coat over her skirt. Under her dress she wore a thin tan nylon pantyhose and some leather wedge pumps in bordeaux.

  • #92 Shoeplay With Fries

    Barefoot dangling and dipping

    Some places in my town are ideal for tourists. You can visit the historic center, walk around, get some french fries and make a rest.

    5aSo did this young girl and her family. They were sitting on a bench, enjoyed the last sunbeams in November and I enjoyed the black flats and barefoot shoeplay of Ms. Princess.

  • #91 Dirty Socks Show

    A fortune

    This will happen when you won’t think about it. A rule for many things in life.

    2baI was walking around on my way to my home and buying some things, when I met a guy from my club where I am working regularly. We talked about photo cameras, nothing special. But then I discovered a dirty socked foot in my eye’s corner!

  • #90 College Student Hostess

    One day at a furniture trade show

    Granted, I am not so into trade shows. I hate the masses in those large areas and I’m often losing my orientation. But ok, there are pretty hostesses…

    3aI wandered around for hours and saw many beautiful girls there, my eyes got caressed, but there was not much shoeplay to capture. Either it was too dark (sleeping room area haha), but most of the time there wasn’t simply any possibility.

  • #89 Breathless Dangling

    This is pure awesomeness

    Even in winter you’ll get astonishing shoeplay if you walk around with open eyes.

    1caMan, this is a moment when I’d like to talk with superlatives, or at least I’d like to raise the language limits. I was in a shopping mall. Actually I wanted to go to a shoe store and when I was on the escalator, I saw shoes flying in the air from the corner of my eye.

  • #88 Laid-Back Flats Play

    Bon Vivant

    A relaxing shoeplay from a brunette girl in her 20ies

    9aThis is somewhat rare. Either you got only very young girls who are doing good shoeplay, or you find attractive older girls, but they won’t do much with her shoes.

  • #87 Scrunching Chick

    Italian Love

    I like Italy. Do you know that Cologne is sometimes called “the northernmost town of Italy”? Guess why…

    4bThe story begins outside. A brown haired Italian girl was sitting with her parents at a café and they wanted to enjoy something. But the heaven was grey and then dark. It began to rain, heavily.

  • #86 Popping Bling Blings

    Again, I love socks

    Many of you will probably hate me, but deep in my heart I am addicted to socks in flats, don’t know why. Especially when the socks are worn out.

    2aThis girl was sitting with her brother and some other family members outside and they were enjoying ice cream. I was enjoying her shoeplay instead. Black socks, well worn and trashy with some sparkling black flats, hmmm.

  • #85 The Nylon Gem

    Good things take time

    For weeks I have this clip on my hard drive and I waited for the right moment to release it… Do you know that? Now, New Year’s Day seems a good choice.

    6a1Maybe this isn’t the best strategy to keep good clips out of public, but in this case I started to discuss with myself. Keep this gem for me? No. Share it to everyone? Yes, but not now. Tomorrow. Next week. Maybe next month. In Autumn. Hell…

  • #84 Barefoot Sisters

    Dirty soles

    Girls with sneakers or plimsoles don’t do shoeplay in public very often, but these sisters had much fun obviously.

    9aThe situation: A large family was eating ice cream. Mom and dad with four kids, three girls and a baby boy. The oldest two sisters were sitting in front of me, one had green fake Chucks and the other black plimsoles at their feet. Both were barefoot and had dirty soles.

  • #83 The Chucks Dipper

    Creepy man is watching me

    Guess there is a guy, who seems to be always behind you, when you capture some girls. And now he is right in front of your camera…

    2aBut at first, this clip is about a young brown haired girl, who was sitting outside with two girlfriends eating healthy fast food. She had short black ankle socks at her feet and was dipping in her Converse Chucks.

  • #82 Pantyhose Shoeplay

    Motorshow madness

    Get ready for the most incredible hostess I’ve seen at a motorshow. What she did with her feet was insane, almost constantly playing with her shoes.

    8aThis brown haired girl was completely dressed in black with leggings and a tan pantyhose. She tried to acquire customers for a membership of a german automobile club and was running around the hall.

  • #81 Mature Toes And Tights

    Zoom! Zomg!!

    You won’t get any closer, I promise. This is some unbelievable detail, because you can count the stitches of this opaque tights worn by a wonderful lady.

    8aOne of the days I was strolling around the city, my view on the ground until I saw some toes outside of wedged sling pumps. A mature Italian lady was drinking coffee with her girlfriends.

  • #80 Santa Claus

    The weirdest shit… but you’ll love it

    Have you ever dreamed of girl’s shoes which lie in staircases in front of closed doors? Sweaty sneakers or trashed flats?

    9lThere are many people who take off their shoes in front of the door of their flats. Either they were smelly or at least dirty, but often well worn. Now this is not very common, so you need to have luck. Or the very largest balls ever…

  • #79 Pantyhose Ballerinas

    Pictures like a painting

    Some clips seem as they are not filmed but photographed. I love the game of focus and depth of field, especially when the focus is on some flats shoeplay.

    5aThis is the clip of one of the most liked photos at my facebook fan page. I asked the fans what they would like to see and over time this pretty brunette got the most votes. Shoeplay in black flats with a tan pantyhose.

  • #78 Dirty Heelpop Madness


    I can’t stand watching this for long, otherwise I would throw a load in my pants, take this for real. Guess, how controlled I had to be to capture steadily.

    2a2This young girl in her late teen years was busy with her girlfriends and some other people I don’t know, sorry that I concentrated my focus on her bare feet and her wonderfully trashed and dirty white flats.

  • #77 Endless Thai Dipping

    Skill level: Asian

    It was one of those boring days where I wanted to go home, but stopped when I saw this pretty young Asian girl with a thin tan pantyhose and flats.

    8aGood things always happen if you don’t think about it. I was on the road for hours and decided to walk right to my car, when I suddenly discovered a nylon heel popping outside of its ballerinas.

  • #76 Shoe Store Compilation

    10 different girls

    Did you ever wish to be like Al Bundy? I did, and every time I visit a shoe store, it feels like a mesmerizing adventure for me.

    2xThis is a test balloon now, because I don’t know if or how this kind of clip is accepted by you. Personally I like to visit shoe stores and almost every time I see the girls slipping out of their shoes, I want to lie down on the floor.

  • #75 Office Pantyhose

    After work dangling

    This sales woman or office clerk seemed to rest after her work, at least she had proper clothes on. What do girls then? Call their girlfriends, right.

    9aThe young lady was sitting outside and drinking her coffee after work. While hanging on her mobile phone the whole time, she was dangling her blue moccasins.

  • #74 Two Days, Same Girl

    Irresistible feet

    It is rather unusual that I see girls a second time, but in this case I was so damn lucky, because this young girl had some very yummy feet

    a2I suppose she was about 18yrs old. Waiting for the bus at a highly busy place. First day her mum and a little brother were with her, on the second day she had two little sisters nearby.

  • #73 Dirty Nylon Dangling

    The sugar daddy girl

    Ok, I don’t want to be mean, but at first I thought that was a daddy with her daughter sitting on the bench. Then they kissed…

    3aThe young girl was sitting with her (I’ll call him) older lover outside and they chilled. Until they started to kiss and caress themselves. But this won’t be much of interest for us, because the girl had some very dirty nylons and moccasin flats on her feet.

  • #72 Dipping Princess

    Moving ever so slow

    When a difficult situation turns into something captivating, I know that the day will have a happy end. Or so…

    3akI can’t really explain what it is. Sometimes I see some feet and then they touch me right into my heart. Equal what comes next. This doesn’t happen very often.

  • #71 Motorshow Hostesses

    “Take pictures of something else”

    If I tell you the whole story, would you believe me? This was my premiere at a trade fair, a motorshow fair to be more precise.

    3aI’ve never been at that before, so I packed my equipment, bought a ticket and almost got lost in the mass of people. There was some time I needed to acclimate and get a feeling for what happens there.

  • #70 Squeezing Toes

    High on the heels

    Many of you asked for some high heels, here I have some. These are some really extravagant shoes and the girl must have aching feet.

    4aWhy do I say that? Just because the brown haired girl was constantly moving her bare toes in her shoes. The toes were horribly squeezed and it seemed uncomfortable, at least for us men.

  • #69 Dreamlike Nylons

    The stuff I love

    Maybe you know that already, I’m a little dirt pig. I would do the most insane things to get some hands on dirty nylons. I just love them to observe.

    5aEspecially, and that’s the second secret I’ll tell you now, when those nylons are from some ordinary chicks as you will see in this clip. I do not mean that in a negative way, but I have a strange obsession for girls from the proletarian side of our society.

  • #68 Black Pantyhose Thriller

    I filmed more than 2 hours

    This was a nice weekend with a very happy ending. I filled my veins with loads of coffee while capturing this blond girl in her black nylon pantyhose.

    3aThe clip here is actually a thriller in two ways. At first it was almost impossible for me to get a good viewing angle to record the heelpops the little girl did. She had a black skirt and a short jeans jacket on, long legs enclosed in thin nylons and nice trashed flats.

  • #67 Sweaty Barefoot


    That’s what I say when I see such a nice scene. A girl in her 20ies did a very nice barefoot shoeplay in her sneakers. At the end she even pulled out dirty socks!

    4bI was wandering around on this sunny day and had a location in mind to go to. On my way I saw this girl sitting with two boys at a table. Noticed her shoeplay and started capturing immediately.

  • #66 Her Pantyhose Feet Hurt

    Most dangerous clip

    Oh my god, sometimes I’m just insane when capturing a heavenly shoeplay. This is one of the most daring actions I did with this nylon girl!

    2aThere is shoeplay and there is shoeplay, you know. I’m always ambitious to get the most out of the scenes the girls give me. This young and pretty blond girl was so active that I dared to lay one of my two cameras right onto the table.

  • #65 Nylon Dipping Girl

    Beautiful long toes

    This is one of my favourite styles: long second toe, nylon socks and flats. Worn by a beautiful blond girl, just awesome.

    8aThe young girl sat with her sister and some other family members at a table outside. At first I captured her from behind, but luckily I got a seat beneath her after a few minutes.

  • #64 Ped Sock Invitation

    Thank you Facebook

    I asked fans at Facebook, which clip I should do next and they have chosen this one at the top in addition to one other.

    2aTo tell the story short: A young blond mommy with her two young daughters and two guys were sitting at Burger King. Mommy had elegant flats and sweaty ped socks at her feet.

  • #63 Italian Bare Soles

    “Do more barefoot PLEASE”

    Well, I’m reading and responding in the shoutbox at the right side, you noticed it already. So, if you shout, your prayers will be answered.

    1bI chose this Italian lady to post right now, because she was a nice sole actor. Her feet were wrinkled, yellow tinted and she had a very dark red nail polish on her toes.

  • #62 Lemon Sock Girl

    Same day, two locations

    This is what I call luck. I captured a socks and flats girl, but the group left the scene too early. Two hours later I saw them at another café again by accident.

    3aAs you know I am into socks and flats, can’t explain, but this blows my mind. It is a rarely seen combination and when you see it, you can expect some wonderful shoeplay.

  • #61 Nylon Footplay

    Hole at the tip

    I love nylon socks, especially when they are trashed from heavy wearing. This young lady was airing her feet out of her leather pumps.

    6aThis is the moment we are waiting for so often: To be at the right place the right time. The lady, I suppose her to be end 20 or beginning 30, was sitting at a table with her girlfriends and had kicked her shoes off.

  • #60 Ankle Socks With Vans

    Very tasty

    Man I could have cried that day. Running around for weeks with almost only bare feet girls. Suddenly this girl in dirty socks… and a chair in front of her.

    2aThere was not only a chair in front of this scene, there was hardly any chance to capture at all because there was no goddamn place for me. All tables around were taken and the girl was sitting at the edge of the sideway. But I mangaged to do the impossible!

  • #59 Nylons And Wine

    Almost forgot this one

    We had a wine convention in our town for one week. I thought there were many shoeplayers to capture, unfortunately it was too full most of the time.

    6aBut one sunny day I was sitting there with my camera and filmed this long brown haired girl. I didn’t expect the most, dunno, but she was good in her style. Pantyhose met some kind of plimsole flats from Esprit.

  • #58 Dangling In Your Face

    Elegant sales women

    Everybody needs a rest from work. Three of those girls who sell elegant clothes, got to my table and started talking about vacation, pigeons and – clothes.

    5aI really like sitting outside drinking a cup of coffee and observing people around me. Sometimes other people share your table, this is common in a town like mine and you’ll get into a conversation very quickly. So did those girls in their 20ies.

  • #57 Black Pantyhose Soles

    Sweaty soles

    Often you don’t see hints of sweat on black nylons, but this young Turkish mommy had white prints of her feet at her soles.

    8aI wished I was her son :D For real, consider you are young and this is your mom wearing her pantyhose for days with sweaty imprints of her feet. Maybe think of her nylons in the morning, when they are dried and firm.

  • #56 School Girl Nylons

    Hyper activitiy

    School must be boring, otherwise I can’t explain why this girl did such an extensive shoeplay with her flats in nylon socks during her free time.

    8aI remember the days when I was in school. Often I was watching my class mates playing with their shoes and forgot to listen to the teacher. If only the girls would have known what they did to me.

  • #55 Asian Birkenstocks

    A good fake and a wonderful show

    Some weeks ago a fan said that this summer Birkenstocks will expect a rebirth in Germany. I laughed, but he was right!

    3aI know that Birkis are very popular in other countries such as USA or especially the Netherlands. Now they come back to us, as a  well done fake shoe at sweet Asian feet.

  • #54 Cinderella’s Dirty Toes

    Once upon a time

    …there was a pretty blond long haired girl with nylon socks at her feet. Her toes were dirty from her shoes, and as the shoes hurt, Cinderella took them off.

    9aCinderella was sitting with her prince upon a wall at the riverside, dangling her long legs down and was rubbing and playing with her toes. The whole time.

  • #53 Socks’n Flats

    One of my favourite combination

    I like this very much and yes, I know that this is not for everyone. Flats shoeplay from a girl with dirty socks, exciting to watch.

    5aHow often did I say that? I watched a family eating some burgers. Mother with pantyhose and chucks, daughter with dirty ankle socks and flats. The rest of the family isn’t that much important for us.

  • #52 Sweaty Pantyhose

    Boner Alert

    Thrilling situations are thrilling. Sometimes I’m coming too late to record a good clip, but in this situation I got just in time. Heavenly sweaty nylons!

    3aAs so often I sat outside chilling and drinking a coffee. My eyes were wandering around, discovering nothing special. I had a good time. Don’t know why I turned my head to my back, but there she was: A blonde lady rubbing her wonderful sweaty nylon pantyhose onto her chair.

  • #51 Ped Popp

    Will she…? She does!

    Often I’m asking myself the same question when I’m sitting there and capture some feet: Will the girl do this or that? In this case she did.

    7aA beautiful young girl was sitting with another girl outside at a fast food restaurant. This is a brilliant place for capturing shoeplay, because the people frequently change.

  • #50 Dirty Nylon Dream

    The $100 Clip

    I was joking with a friend what a real mega clip must contain: I said, well, dirty nylons, trashed flats and a fantastic shoeplay. Here it is!

    daObviously I won’t charge that amount of money, but there are a few things that are highlights for me, because you won’t see this often on the street. There aren’t many girls with real sweaty, dyed and dirty nylons who do much shoeplay as well.

  • #49 Wiggle Dangler


    I tried it by myself, I can’t move my toes that long time with this speed. This woman is really awesome.

    2aMany dangling fans around the world love some loose shoes at the tip of women’s toes, especially when the girl moves her feet insanely fast.

  • #48 Socks Massage

    Dirty and sweaty

    Often I’m asking myself, why some girls are wearing socks and boots when it’s actually warm outside.

    2aThis beautiful young girl sat on a wall with two girlfriends, let one leg hanging down while she was massaging the other socked foot.

  • #47 Pantyhose Dipping

    Patience is a gift

    Mates, I was almost considering to stop this capture, when this young girl started to move her feet like crazy. I cried silently!

    3aThis is a typical story. Sitting behind a very pretty young girl, capturing until your butt hurts and nothing happens. But in this case the novel got a twist.

  • #46 Primark Nylon Socks

    Whole working day on her feet

    You know Primark? There are many women working hard, walking miles around, to clean up behind the masses of customers. Sweat heaven.

    31aSaw this young women sitting with a handful of colleagues doing a rest after their work. Smoking cigarettes, eating and drinking coffee. And showing us her dirty, sweaty and dyed nylon socks! Ah.

  • #45 Nordic Socks Trilogy

    Pink polka dot socks and Converse Chucks

    Sometimes a man must do what a man has to do. In this case I almost got a sunburn on my head and cramps in my legs.

    21aMaybe this was the hardest clip I ever catched, because I cowered for almost one and a half hours in brightest sunlight, just to get this lovely shoeplay from a nordic blond girl.

  • #44 Sweet Barefoot

    Dipping back and forth

    Light dirty bare soles with a nervous foot rub inside some flats is a heavenly show for us. This scene put a smile on my face.

    4aWhen we are talking about shoeplay, it is a summary of the most different likes and styles. Some like old women, some like younger ones. In this case I captured a girl with fairly old school flats, the type which more mature women wear.

  • #43 Phone Call Shoeplay

    What girls do when they are busy

    The most exciting thing with shoeplay is: No one knows what happens next, even the girls don’t know it.

    5aWhen I was strolling aroung, I stumbled upon a girl in her 20ies, who called someone on the phone. She wore nylons and flats, so I stopped right behind her and fired up my cam.

  • #42 Nylon Teen Feet

    A heavenly nervous young girl

    This is the stuff we could write novels about. Or dream of, when we are going to sleep. It is a mystery, but a wonderful one, what girls can do with us.

    4aMiss Young Girl was presumably around 18/19yrs old, I heard some of the conversation she had with her attendance. They talked about jobs and such things, right what you do after school.

  • #41 MILF Soles

    Pantyhose dream

    Mother and daughter were sitting at the same table. Mother had pink high heels at her hosed feet, daughter some kind of plimsoles. I focused on mom.

    5aDaughter did nothing except sitting there. Mother showed us her beautiful hosed feet and was flexing her toes very gentle and calm, almost like a still image.

  • #40 Caress Her Plimsoles

    Barefoot action by accident

    I love this: Was driving back to my home in the car and stood at the traffic light. In the corner of the eye I saw this girl playing with her shoes.

    1aInstantly I turned around, searched a parking place and ran over to the table where the young blonde sat with a friend. She was barefoot in trashed plimsoles, yeah!

  • #39 Grandma’s Pantyhose

    Way back into youth

    Who else developed his passion for feet in the childhood with watching aunt’s and grandmommy’s nylons in and out of their shoes?

    1aThis is a keyframe for many of us. Playing under the table beneath the legs and feet of the elder women who were drinking coffee and talking about things we did not understand. But their feet, they were addicting somehow.

  • #38 Inside Students Flats

    Put your nose into these shoes

    Often you can only guess how flats look inside. If you have the chance to take a deep look, you will be thrilled sometimes.

    5aThis student in her early 20ies sat with two friends outside and was drinking coffee. I saw her from far away and had the chance to capture the last minutes of their rest.

  • #37 Sucker Socks

    Subtle sock play, nervous MDR

    Guys, let me tell you: I ran around for weeks and never saw a girl playing with her socks and sneakers, but when I discovered her, I almost dropped my cam!

    9aYou rather don’t know how exciting this was. I was standing there at a wall, expected nothing and suddenly saw this young 18yr old girl slipping her dirty socked feet out of her Esprit sneakers. Holy heaven! I was so in chaos that my cam almost slipped through my fingers.

  • #36 Dangling Pro

    A master of foot acrobatics

    We all love that, I know. Pretty young girls with worn shoes, nylon socks or pantyhose on and then a hyper dangle and shoeplay show.

    2aThis girl in her 20ies was a master in her style. Times ago I saw a teaching clip at YouTube, how a woman should dangle. Well, here is the teacher.

  • #35 Flip-Flop Foot F*ck

    Sorry for the title, mates

    If the world ends tomorrow, this would be the last clip I want to see now. One of the most unbelievable barefoot actions I have ever seen.

    3aTitle says it all, I have no more words. Look at the pictures, watch the preview clip and go straight into heaven. This young girl is awesome!

  • #34 Barefoot Neon Flats

    Poor girl with wounds

    What happens  if a girl wears tight plastic flats with bare feet? Yes, she will get blisters at her heels. This girl here seemed uncomfortable…

    4aShe was suffering for us, you can say. This end-teen girl wore those neon ballerinas far too long, so she HAD TO pop out her heels over and over to cure her disease.

  • #33 High School Pantyhose

    The most beautiful drug

    “Hey girls, do you take a rest?” – “Yes, we have been walking all the day right now!” - That’s what they said…

    1aI was recording some sneakers without any shoeplay and wanted to stop, until those high school students took the seat right next to the place I was standing. They threw their flats off and put their hosed feet onto the chairs. Wow…

  • #32 Sweaty Sock Play

    Being sporty makes socks dampy

    Three wonderful pretty young girls took a rest on a small wall and two of them put their in-line skates off, the other had Nike’s on her feet.

    3This is the time when I’d just like to lie down on the ground to see feet from underneath. Two girls were skating but needed to take their shoes off. Obviously their socks were wet.

  • #31 Heelpopping Hostess

    Pop me in and pop me out

    Two pretty hostesses had an information booth on the street. The blonde with a tan pantyhose, the brunette had black tights. It was warm outside.

    One of those days where many peop72ale were in town, because it was very warm and sunny. I lingered around and discovered two very pretty hostesses who distributed information material. Both with skirt, flats and pantyhose.

  • #30 Orange Tights Dangle

    Incredible Dipping Detail

    Man, this is high level shoeplay! A Filipina with an opaque orange pantyhose and elegant flats was airing out her sweaty feet and dipped herself into heaven.

    2aFrom far away I saw this girl sitting on a rock wall and discovered that she had her feet standing on her shoes, so I walked over and sat down right beneath her.

  • #29 Asian Sugar Pop Toes

    Double the cam, double the fun

    With this clip I start a new style of filming, because I used two HD cameras in parallel. The balls get bigger (the better).

    9aI saw this young asian girl sitting there, eating ice cream and watching an interview sequence on the street. She was cross-legged and her barefoot toes poked in the air, so I took a seat beneath her.

  • #28 Pantyhose Chucks

    Rare combination, blue jeans and black pantyhose

    Everyone has his own fantasy. In my dreams the girls often wear pantyhoses under their blue jeans. Here is one of them.

    4aThis very pretty girl around 18yrs old sat with her girlfriend outside of a café and drank her coffee. She had long brown hair, a bounded braid, blue jeans with a very large hole over her knee – and a thin black pantyhose under it.

  • #27 A Whiff Of Dirt

    Imagination is everything

    Do you know that? You see a wonderful foot show, but there is no f***ing possibility to start capturing? I almost cried.

    2This girl sat at a table with her girlfriend and was moving her dirty nyloned toes slowly around. I was freezed and astonished, but there was no damn free place around her to film this.

  • #26 Stewardess On Fire

    The one-in-the-year nylon pantyhose show

    I wish that there are more superlatives to describe what I experienced. “Gold is best” is hilarious, but in this clip all is true gold. Golder than gold.

    9aIt was the end of a nice afternoon. I only wanted to drink a coffee and then go home, until a foreign flight crew walked along. Two pilots and two very attractive flight attendants, one dark haired, one blonde. They took their seats at the other side of the street and the blond girl caught my attention when the first thing she did was to rub her feet in an out of her elegant flats. Phew.

  • #25 The Birkenstock Thrill

    This one made me happyyyyy

    One of those days where you wouldn’t expect anything, but in the end you are going home with a pair of smelly and well worn socks.

    2aI was on my way to the historic centre, smoking a cigarette and went along this turkish lady with Birkenstocks. Wait… What? I returned immediately and fired up my cam.

  • #24 Nylon Taste Of Spring

    It smells like spring feet, everywhere

    In Cologne we had wonderful 18-20 degrees celsius and sunshine all the days. This is the time when girls throw their winter boots far away. At least some.

    3aThis young girl sat with her girlfriend outside of an ice café. Her friend had Converse Chucks and the protagonist had black flats with heavy worn nylon socks at her feet. I really like this combo, especially when the toes are visible.

  • #23 Too Many Pantyhoses

    Almost heaven, flats and nylons everywhere

    How do you decide, if you see many girls at once with flats and pantyhose doing shoeplay? I focused on the one with the tan tights which was a good decision.

    1aHell, this was a day. I was hours on the go and smoked a last cigarette at Starbucks outside, when I stumbled upon a group of several young girls talking about where they want to get something to eat. I didn’t count them, but many had flats and nylons on, some sandals and some were barefoot in their shoes.

  • #22 Rose Socks At The Sunbed

    The spy cam at its best, seriously

    To be honest, I almost felt guilty when I decided to put my camera under that dividing wall, but it was thrilling me when I saw the girl at first.

    1aEvery few weeks I take a sunbath at my local solarium. This day I had to wait for my sunbed to finish and suddenly a pretty young girl with long brown curled hair walked in.

  • #21 Rapunzel And Her Trainee

    Addicted to bakeries

    Almost every week I visit this café after one regular appointment. This time Rapunzel from clip #17 had a trainee with fake Birkenstocks at her side.

    9bYes I know, there is nothing better than the real Birkenstocks, but trainees haven’t got much money to buy the expensive ones. Maybe I should sponsor her some shoes if she works regularly?

  • #20 Turkish Lady Pumps

    Hot nylons with stitching in black pumps

    To get it clear: this is one of those bonus scenes when you walk along the street. A pretty young turkish girl was playing with her feet in and out of her pumps.

    4bHardly 20yrs old, the girl sat at a table at Burger King’s and was apparently waiting for her friend to finish his meal. She seemed bored and what do women when they are bored? Right, they do shoeplay.

  • #19 Dirty Heelpop Chucks

    Shopping makes the socks rather dirty

    Sometimes you’ll get the best clips when you just relax. A young girl with fake Converse Chucks and the rest of her family decided to take a rest next to me.

    3bThis was hard to take for me. Mother and father, two sisters and a brother jumped around the table. They couldn’t quite decide where to sit, but luckily the oldest of them sat down right beside my camera. Well done, girl.

  • #18 White Strap Flats

    My cam ran out of battery

    One of these days when I’d like to kick against trash cans or something. I saw a pretty brunette, barefeet in her white well worn flats, really good.

    1I captured the girl at one of my favorite places outside, where she was sitting with two friends. One had red nail polish on her toes in her sandal pumps, but she was rarely seen due to the chairs.

  • #17 Rapunzel In The Bakery

    Bread crumb crushing all over

    This was a lightning moment for me, I almost got a heart attack when I saw this girl from outside. At first glance it seemed she was wearing nylon socks, but no.

    8aThis bakery girl had orange ankle socks on and although at first I thought she was wearing Birkenstocks, I saw that these shoes were a kind of Crocs. To be honest, I was a bit disappointed but this changed rapidly, read on.

  • #16 Foreign Socks Attempt

    Nice toes I want to lick at

    Some of you know the “foreign socks project” from – I walk along and ask girls if they give me their socks and nylons in exchange to new ones.

    4aAt this day, Marion, a good friend of mine, and me were taking a rest at the Rhine when I suddenly discovered the two girls on the bench. One had flats and nylons on, the other was barefoot in her mocassins and played oh-so-gently with her toes.

  • #15 Insane Leggy Czech Girl

    Feet in rose flats, can’t follow the moves

    So, watch closely and try to keep your eyes at the girl’s shoes, it is nearly impossible! I should have bought a high speed camera… or so.

    4aMan, this is absurd. I sat at the Rhine beneath three czech girls, at least I think they are czech. Two of them with flats, one had toms with socks on, but you’ll barely see her. The protagonist is the one with the rose flats, barefoot with a nice toe cleavage.

  • #14 The Super Gentle Footsie

    I celebrate every movie with feet at men’s legs

    You know this, I am sure. Girl and man are sitting at the table, suddenly she touches the shin of her friend with her nail polished naked feet. Sigh.

    9aThis girl here, somewhere in her late 20ies, was sitting with her friend at a café outside, playing with her blue/white flats while crossing her ankles. She dipped a little bit, popped her toes out and stepped right back into her shoe. This little shoeplay is the first part of the movie, you’ll see a wonderful toe cleavage also.

  • #13 Thick Feet In Dirty Socks And Adidas

    Sometimes I’m a weirdo

    This is one of the things some people don’t understand. Sure, we like pretty feet, but there is a part in us which likes to be humiliated by dampy and dirty soles.

    3aTo be honest, when I’m thinking of feet, most of the time I dream of really pretty ones. The favour is different and that is ok. But then, as I walked down beneath that ice café and saw this quite young girl around 20yrs who ate a little bit too much, I was shocked.

  • #12 The Birkenstock Bakery Girl

    Feet in socks and Birkenstocks at work

    Do you want to know a dirty little secret? I love bakery girls. Don’t know why, I even wrote a story about one and this is following me for years, read on.

    4aThe whole clips until today (and many more I have on my hard drive) were shot during the last months of 2013.
    I searched for places in public, pretty cafés and I even got to know things of my town I didn’t know before. And guess what, this is only the beginning!

  • #11 Pink Socks And Green Flats

    No no no, this isn’t real, is it?

    I know this will be a hard time now. For me to write, for you to read. But, how the hell should I make sharp screenshots with such heavy and insane shoeplay?

    2aShort before evening I was on my way back home (ref. The Bag Raiders), had my camera shut off and stumbled upon this. THIS! Yeah, I got it, some of you don’t like socks in flats, but pink ones in green shoes? Dirty pink ones? Dirty and wet pink ones? Now that I have your attention, read on :D

  • #10 Dirty Bare Soles

    Open your mouth and start to lick

    This is what you dream of, right? At least for many of you who have the passion for feet. A girl in her 20ies with flats and really dirty feet, this is heaven for us.

    4aThis redhead girl, unfortunately with a hair shot from behind only, sat with her mom (who had french nails BTW) at an ice café and relaxed in the late afternoon. Her standard black flats aren’t worth mentioning that much, but she had really dirty soles, especially her heels are crusty from dirt. It seems that she was working outside, maybe some garden work or so, because she had several little scrapes around her ankles.

  • #09 Pink Flats And Nylons

    I got a really weird boner

    Once I said to a friend that this is one of those clips for the “Award 2013″. My dreams became true at that time, I got heavy goosebumps with those dirty flats!

    3aMany of you know me for a long time. You know my passion for flats, my passion for dirty nylon socks and last not least I like pink! Really.
    Now think of that, you walk along the road, smoking a cigarette, watching at the ground as ever and then – BAM! A blond girl sitting at a café with her parents, drinking coffee and wearing (what?) pink flats. You look closer and she is wearing (oh my god) nylon socks and those flats are even (hell!!) dirty. Can’t speak anymore…

  • #08 Three Sandal Students

    Tasty toes with red nail polish

    Threesome is awesome. In fact I had the focus on two girls the most, while the one with socks and sneakers simply was a nice addition.

    2aSummertime – the roughest time. So sang Jenny Wilson once, but she is right. So many nice women and girls with beautiful feet that make us, hm, randy? :D
    Dunno, but in this case I captured three very good looking young students, two of them had red nails and sandals while one was in socks and sneakers.

  • #07 Blue Flats Bare Feet

    Lean back and get ready for a foot thriller

    Do you know what I like the most? It is not simple shoeplay, it is the tension, eagerly waiting for the next thrill moment. Will the toes pop out again?

    5aThis turkish girl was on shopping tour with her family. Packed with many bags, they sat down beside me while I was drinking a coffee. Fun time! To get the long story short: Everything I like happened, this is shoeplay madness.

  • #06 Nylon Flats Blonde

    Kebap eating while streching the arch of the foot

    Shoeplay is nothing you can tell someone to do. The best scenes happen when the girls don’t think about it, just like this blond mid-20yrs beauty.

    3On one of my trips I wanted to take a rest and in the corner of my eye I suddenly discovered this very long legs streching out of nowhere. This girl had some extraordinary skill streching her arch of the foot in her flats. The toes span even more as you can see in this clip.

  • #05 Moccasin Shoeplay Heaven


    Well, sometimes one word is enough to describe everything. Fantastic shoeplay of a girl with white sneaker socks in gold-green moccasins.

    1aYou know, if you are wandering around, you have to decide where to stop and start capturing. I watched this girl eating ice cream with her girlfriend and if I had a sixth sense, I was luckily patient enough not to walk away. It happens often: There is a bit shoeplay, some heelpopping for minutes and that’s it. Nice, but not kicking that much.

    What this girl does exceeded my expectations! After a while of extensive heelpop scenes, crossing ankles and wiggling with her legs, she suddenly started to play with her mocs.

  • #04 Asian Shoe Swap

    You will almost always miss this

    Think of a scene, you say “hey cool” and then something really surprising happens. So had I when I was focused on those sneaker socks.

    3There is a crossing in my town, where tourists sit on beton seats and have a rest from sightseeing. At that day I saw two asian girls sitting there and talking to each other. One girl was wearing an opaque black pantyhose with so-called Converse Chucks and the other one had white sneaker socks with a Keds rip-off. No pun intended, but it was funny to see that they didn’t wear originals.

  • #03 Bare Arabian Soles Shoeplay

    This is delicious, barefoot in flats

    I’m up all day to get lucky. It is sometimes hard for me to cut the clips for you, especially when girls are doing heavy shoeplay like this one.

    4aNo need to mention over and over, I do like flats. There is a correlation of age and what’s inside those flats. Younger girls often wear socks (stop nagging, I like it :D ), while the older the girls get, the more you’ll see bare feet or even nylons.

  • #02 Mature Lady With Flats And Pantyhose

    Holy Heelpop! Dangle me forever, this is seduction

    Did you ever cross the way of a mature lady who does extensive shoeplay? It is different, read on.

    2bShoeplay isn’t just shaking some flats above the ground. There are many characters which tell you a story with their feet. Most ladies don’t do much, they are calm, discreet, elegant. But then, if you meet one who has that much power in her feet, you will be in heaven, period!

  • #01 White Ped Socks In The Grass

    Let the sock fantasy begin. Instantly!

    Early summer last year I checked my new camera and saw a pretty girl with white peds and red Keds lying around the meadow at a lake.

    1This is one of my thunderstorm moments when I look around, listen to some music and suddenly get my eyes on some socked feet of a beautiful girl. It is the tension of a question: “What will come next?”

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