#49 Wiggle Dangler


I tried it by myself, I can’t move my toes that long time with this speed. This woman is really awesome.

2aMany dangling fans around the world love some loose shoes at the tip of women’s toes, especially when the girl moves her feet insanely fast.

fs2aThis beatiful woman, I suppose her to be Greek as she looks like Marina Diamandis, had some elegant golden flats on her dry and somewhat wrinkled feet. Saw this often the last days, maybe it’s because of the weather.

3She was sitting with two other women at a table, partially on the phone, the rest of the time smoking and laughing. The whole time she dangled her flats continuously, at first her left foot and then her right one.

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Some additional heelpops and you’re done. Watch the whole 9 minutes with beautiful face shots from a really skilled wiggle dangler.

download the clip