#268 Goodbye Summer Socks

I’m in love with those dirty soles!

db2_xBefore we come to the pretty girl with her dirty white ankle socks, I want to tell a little story. This is completely irrelevant to the shoeplay, but you will understand my WTFs I went through while capturing.

lost-found-2019_02Somewhere in my larger neighbourhood there is a family with two girls. I rarely see them, but I know their shoes quite well and sometimes I get the chance to snitch a sock or two from the girls. Won’t talk about details here, but you may have already watched some of their sock pictures in my free L&F series at fussphantasie.
Anyway, as I don’t see them very often, it is always a special moment for me, when I discover the sisters by chance. Would call it a lucky day then.

not_inOn this special day I was on my way home with my board. Suddenly I spotted the sisters from far away, walking a special route to our main street. As I had my cam with me, I wanted to grab a short clip from their shoes while passing me by. That said, I sat down on my board in a corner, positioned the running camera and was staring at my mobile phone. Girls went by, I was happy and this would have been a lucky day.

I stepped on the board again and continued my way back home. This leads to a McDonald’s and while driving, I saw a dirty white sock in the corner of my eye. Couldn’t see it very well, so I stopped, drove back and I was like “ok, wow!”


These were the most precious, awesome and exciting socks I’ve seen this year. What a nice sweaty and dirty footprint! And the pretty girl who was wearing them did a fantastic job with curling her sweet toes and fumbling with her sandals.

On several occasions I have told you, how hard it is for me sometimes to stay calm and concentrated. Short summary: I could not concentrate, I was shaking with my whole body. I needed minutes to settle down and to position the camera well enough.

1c   gc2

As I said, the girl did a super nice shoeplay. Her soles were awesome, I just loved her toes picking on the sandals and the grabbing curls. She crossed her ankles a few times and was wiggling with her legs almost continuously.

o2   e

So, why did I tell the sisters’ story at the beginning? They came back from a supermarket, passed me again while I was capturing the socks girl, went into the restaurant and sat down RIGHT IN THE LINE where I was filming haha :D

I absurdly had to decide on which girls I should focus! What a privileged question to answer… But as one sister didn’t pull off her white sneakers and the other one had only black flip-flops, I went on with the dirty socks girl.

la   ka2

After a while the socks girl left the place. Because it got quite dark outside and very crowded, I moved to the entrance to sneak a last full body picture. Then I drove back home, finally. I didn’t look back, I just had to go, breathe out and realize what has happened.

n   fs1a

The whole clip is 16+ minutes long. Please excuse a few shaky scenes. I had to balance the big camera on a very small package, so every touch resulted in a rebound. But it doesn’t harm the clip at all, it’s just a sign of my excitement.

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