#64 Ped Sock Invitation

Thank you Facebook

I asked fans at Facebook, which clip I should do next and they have chosen this one at the top in addition to one other.

2aTo tell the story short: A young blond mommy with her two young daughters and two guys were sitting at Burger King. Mommy had elegant flats and sweaty ped socks at her feet.

Normally the kids do most actions with their feet, but this time mommy was the leader of the crown. She moved her feet almost the whole damn clip long, wiggling here, crossing ankles there.

1a   6

Heelpopping was one of her favourite thing and then the inevitable happens: She lost her flat and showed us her sweaty sole of her peds. She curled her toes wonderfully so that you can see the toe prints through the thin socks. Wow!

4   5a

8   7

Besides the whole action there is a cigarette crushing of the daughter’s Nike sneakers as a plus. Saw it afterwards and it made me smile :)

I managed the clip with two cameras at once. As there is about one minute with focus problems, I lowered the price of the clip by 2 EUR instead of just deleting this scenes. It would have been a pity to delete, you will see. Enjoy mates!

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