#185 Stinky Feet Rub

She walked the whole day

We all know how bare feet are beginning to sweat and grow a decent flavour in flats, especially when the girls are on tour.

6axI stumbled upon this woman when I was on my way home. It’s hard to guess how old she was, I suppose something in the end of 20/beginning of 30 years old. She had longer hair with a bun and was wearing blue jeans with a long thin cagoule.

fs3x2Her feet were resting outside of a pair of blue flats. She was barefoot, had a slightly tan from the sun and, important for some of you, her feet and heels were a little bit rough.

Not the sole at her toes though. This area was soft and had a yellowish tint so that you can guess the smell. Moist feet tend to soften dry feet.


One note beforhand: This isn’t a shoeplay clip. This is a wonderful toe rubbing, feet grabbing and toe spreading clip. The woman was beautifully skilled with her toes, it was a joy to watch.

The first half of the clip I was sitting behind her, so I got a good angle from behind, respectively from the side.

1   3

Then I changed my position and dared to capture the whole show from the front. Those angles are rather difficult as the girls tend to look into the lens eventually, but this time I was safe.

7   ea

Enjoy the whole 14 minutes of a really good toe show outside of flats.

download the clip