#147 The Birthday Nylon Collection

Two years cc-feet.com!

January the 18th is a special date, so I’d like to share a little bit of fun with you.

1acOn that day in 2005 I started fussphantasie and it was kind of genius to start the second website on the same day in 2014, so I have to remember one date only. Just kidding. As ever I wondered how I could surprise you. Many of you loved the Anniversary Nylons, so I did this again.

aabI have plenty of shorter clips on my hard drives, often wonderful moments, but too short to put it up here. You can imagine how many Gigabytes of video material accumulate over time, especially because I walk around many hours a week.

Long story, short: I chose 10 clips and made this collection for you. The topic is “nylons” and you’ll see tan and black coloured ones, nylon socks and pantyhoses, flats, pumps and plimsoles, from teen girl to mature. All in one clip.

4a   5a

A student girl did massive leg dangling with her flats, the teen girl popped her heels many times, one pretty waitress with her worn out tights, a young mother fumbling with her toes, a mature with pumps and so on.

9b   3a

7   6

I’m pretty sure you will like the 29+ minutes collection, if you are a friend of short clips and especially if you liked #100. I’d like to thank you for your support in the last 2 years and I hope you’ll look forward to the future of this site also :)

download the clip