#66 Her Pantyhose Feet Hurt

Most dangerous clip

Oh my god, sometimes I’m just insane when capturing a heavenly shoeplay. This is one of the most daring actions I did with this nylon girl!

2aThere is shoeplay and there is shoeplay, you know. I’m always ambitious to get the most out of the scenes the girls give me. This young and pretty blond girl was so active that I dared to lay one of my two cameras right onto the table.

fs2The girl saw it from the corner of her eye, you’ll see this in some frames I captured, but this didn’t stop her from shoeplaying like an angel. In fact she must have done this so often, as she had a small bandage around her right foot.

If I did such a constant foot wiggle, I would have hurt feet too, that’s for sure… But nonetheless she gave us an exciting show with everything a foot lover will like.

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Heelpopping, wiggling toes, rubbing her feet inside her dirty flats and playing with them. You will see breathtaking close ups from almost everything so that you can count the stitches of her hose and virtually smell the sweat inside her shoes.

This is an almost 26 minutes clip full of very good shoeplay from a beautiful girl plus split views of two cameras at once.

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