#32 Sweaty Sock Play

Being sporty makes socks dampy

Three wonderful pretty young girls took a rest on a small wall and two of them put their in-line skates off, the other had Nike’s on her feet.

3This is the time when I’d just like to lie down on the ground to see feet from underneath. Two girls were skating but needed to take their shoes off. Obviously their socks were wet.

7aThe grey-socked girl had a dyed sole, you can watch her dangling her legs in the air and curling her sweet dirty toes. The stripe-socked girl had long toes and wiggled her feet back and forth in a fast style. The girl with the Nike sneakers didn’t take her shoes off but threw her legs into the air many times. She had white ankle socks on.

2a   5

I took close ups from their feet, even very nice face shots of all three long haired girls, so that you can enjoy the 6 minutes of airing out dirty and smelly socks after a long in-line skate ride.

download the clip