#117 Peds Dangling Extreme

Just insane

I didn’t expect this when I started capturing!

3baWalking by, I saw a young woman in her 20ies sitting on a bench with one foot slipped out of her flats. She was massaging her ped socks covered foot and I thought “well, ok, start the cam”.

fs1aThis was going on for a while, eventually she laid down her foot and slipped out the other too. That was the moment when I decided to sit down right beneath her. Barely one meter away it is really difficult to stay undiscovered…

Just when I was sitting down, she put on her flats and man, she started a dangling show at its best. Normally young teens are doing this but rather not a young lady.

1   2

At first she dangled both flats at the same time, then she crossed her legs and went mad. I wondered why none of her flats flew away, so heavy was her shoeplay. I even had to put the cam to wide angle because her flats went outside of my view.

6   9

As it is almost impossible to get a sharp still image from the clip, here is a very short excerpt of her show:

In summary you’ll get a 16+ minutes clip with a second cam face shot, some foot massage and an incredible and very exciting flats dangling part. Enjoy, mates!

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