#272 Rubbing The Pole

c_xWhite flats with dirty ped socks is always a good combination. In this case I was outside with Ruth, a good friend of mine. She has assisted in some projects for fussphantasie, so she clearly knows what I’m doing.
And as I almost never go outside without a camera – just to be prepared – Ruth doesn’t ask questions.

fs2aFunny enough, she even sends me pictures of lost socks on the street. Or when we are walking on the street: “Marco, left side!”. Sometimes she discovers things I wouldn’t have seen in that moment :D I’m very thankful to have a friend like Ruth.

Anyway. We wanted to drink coffee and I have seen the Italian lady with her ped socks sitting at a table. No question that I chose a place with direct sight to her feet.

1   5

Granted, it is sometimes distracting for others when I’m filming and try to have a conversation at the same time. Multi tasking is not my strength but Ruth is gladly very forgiving.

8   a

I placed the cam and controlled it every now and then, so I saw the full show afterwards when I was at home. The lady did not much shoeplay as she was mostly airing out her feet, but she was rubbing her feet at the poles of the chair and table. Nice to watch and this leaves room for ones own fantasy. I mean, who of us would not want to lie down under tables in that situation?

b   e

Although I have captured almost an hour, this is just a good 8+ minutes clip. Eventually the lady put her flats back on and that’s it. Her daughter came and then they left the café altogether.

download the clip