#65 Nylon Dipping Girl

Beautiful long toes

This is one of my favourite styles: long second toe, nylon socks and flats. Worn by a beautiful blond girl, just awesome.

8aThe young girl sat with her sister and some other family members at a table outside. At first I captured her from behind, but luckily I got a seat beneath her after a few minutes.

fs1Long haired and blond, delicious long toes, blue jeans and flats, that is a very lovely and astonishing combination.

The girl was eating some ice cream while I was drinking a coffee, just to push up my heartbeat a little bit more. Just kidding.

2   3

She was not heavily shoeplaying, that beforehand, but the girl presented her toes in a subtle moving way. She was dipping in her flats, rubbing her sole softly at the edge of her shoes and curled the sweet toes many times.

4   6

As I was recording with two cameras, you will get some split views also. The funniest moment was a poor pigeon, which was almost kicked aside by the girl :D

Enjoy nearly 11 minutes of a dipping gem with sweet sugar toes, worn nylon socks and rose flats. In my next life I want to be a pigeon…

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