#203 Cinderella Vans

Barefoot dipping

You won’t believe, what happens at the end of this clip!

9a_xGranted, this is clickbaiting. But as you can guess from the title, the final part of the clip has something to do with Cinderella. She lost her shoes and the prince was trying to find the right one for the princess.

fs1aIn this case it is somewhat more simple. The pretty brown haired girl was dipping and wiggling in her Vans. I can’t really say if they were fake ones, but they look rather close.

This was no exaggerating shoeplay as most girls in their 20ies don’t do it like the teens, but it was very nice to watch. Her soles looked as if she had worn the shoes all day with her bare feet. You can see a slight glance of dirt, but I’d call it natural.


At some point the girl pulled her feet off and went into a tailored seat. I just got a glance of her toes, because the feet were covered from her legs.

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Nevertheless, in the end her boyfriend took the Vans and tied the shoes for the girl. This was awesome and generous, pure gentleman.

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The clip is only 5+ minutes, but you will love it when you like bare feet in sneakers.

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