#02 Mature Lady With Flats And Pantyhose

Holy Heelpop! Dangle me forever, this is seduction

Did you ever cross the way of a mature lady who does extensive shoeplay? It is different, read on.

2bShoeplay isn’t just shaking some flats above the ground. There are many characters which tell you a story with their feet. Most ladies don’t do much, they are calm, discreet, elegant. But then, if you meet one who has that much power in her feet, you will be in heaven, period!

So, as I walked along a shopping road, I stumbled upon a scene at a café outside. Had to stop immediately for sure.

4aThis lady I met is a master in dangling her orange flats at the tip of her toes. Her heels are somewhat wrinkled and covered with a thin tan pantyhose, you may see every single detail of her feet through a light filter of sweetness. Not dirty, no, seductive at its best. She is popping with her heels, dipping with her toes and even massages the chair legs with her feet.
Enjoy 13 minutes of a woman who knows how to freak us out.

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