#135 Shuffling Chucks

Rare #2

I know, you guys like barefoot shoeplay in sneakers!

6aLet me tell you: It is so rare this year, I don’t know why. We had fine weather and such, but shoeplay? Negative. Most girls had those Nike sneakers at their feet and as I could see, all with ped socks. Gladly I stumbled upon some gems here and there.

7aThis girl was barefoot in her Converse Chucks. Not only that, she was wearing them as if they were slippers, although I couldn’t discover any blisters. She walked around a small place, where you can buy ice cream. Her little sister was with her, but she wasn’t that interesting for us regarding her shoes.

What do you do if you have “slippers” at your feet and walk around? You show your heels, obviously. The girl tried to walk on tiptoe sometimes, this was especially nice to watch as you get a glance of her bare soles then.

3   5

Don’t expect any great shoeplay here, I wouldn’t call this shoeplay in the classical manner, because she never slipped out of her Chucks. But you get a great short show with a combination I saw too little these months. Enjoy it!

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