#273 Shoe Store Compilation Vol. 5

After 4 long years of drought I’m back in the stores!

32b_xIf there is one thing I’ve missed in Covid times the most, then it is strolling around in shoe stores and hunting for girls trying on new shoes, get a glance of dirty and sweaty socks and the bare feet.

35aIn 2019 I said that I need to take a rest after I have been busted during Vol. 4 of the series. Little did I know that this would have been a farewell for such a long time.

After the stores had re-opened, we had a visitor limit and even security staff at the entrances, so there was absolutely no possibility to capture with a hidden cam. This year is the first where everything went back to normal again and oh my god, it was such a relief.

3e   34c2

Funny enough, I was completely out of my routines. I needed a whole day to acclimate myself. So many people around me, hectic, noisy and little MDR in between hundreds of shoes, feet and socks. This was absurd and it reminded me of the days when I started this website.

26d   9e

Nevertheless I was so hungry that I became fearless and hilariously cheeky after a while. I just wanted to get everything I could and my fear of getting busted again was gone.

I filmed on several days in different stores. On the first day I got a little help from Ronja, who acted as my girlfriend/daughter/whatever. She was my psychological support and she took back the attention from me. She even started conversations with girls I have captured silently, this was awesome!

8a   20b

22l   31e

Regarding the clip itself, there are so many white socks this time. I don’t know if this is a temporary phenomenon, but I wasn’t disappointed for sure. The thing I did notice was: No Birkenstocks! Not a single pair haha :D
I hate them so much, you know it and hopefully this is a good sign for the upcoming times in this summer. Please give me back again my beloved flats! We will see.

16c   14a

10a   32h

The clip consists of 35 chapters with a total of 42 girls and women. Five longer parts from 4-6 minutes, all the rest is 1-3 minutes long. Only two chapters are shorter than a minute but I didn’t want to leave them out.

1a   24a

Do I have a favorite? Yes, three clips are my beloved ones. The last one is a very special scene, because I did something I have never done before: I just grabbed a dirty sock and went away. Bad boy, I know, but I couldn’t help myself. This was a one-time chance and I went for it without any thinking of consequences.

35g   fs_all

Enjoy the return of my shoe store series, this time it is a 70+ minutes clip.
I am so deeply satisfied and happy, really. I needed this thing so badly…

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