#264 Bus Stop 2

Heavenly sweaty and abused socks

9_xEvery once in a while I’m stumbling over some shoeplay totally by accident. I was on my way home and saw this young girl sitting and waiting in the corner of my eye. In general our busses are scheduled to drive every 10 minutes, but this bus came too late.

fs2aI checked the timetable, it said “15 minutes” and so I started my camera and sat down on the pavement behind the girl and her friend.
And oh boy, this was the right decision!

Initially I had not much expectations, because the girl’s socks were black and she had rested one leg over the other. I adjusted my cam, tried to capture through the glass and suddenly the explosion began.


I mean, I’m a bit struggling with my words here :D I think that the superlatives of words are slightly worn out. Just take a look at the red Adidas sandals: What the hell did she do with her shoes?? How aggressive must her sweaty feet be that they are dissolving the rubber sole?

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And the socks… Not only are they glancing in the sun, a certain sign of “we are not the first day on those feet” – but the black color of the socks at the underside of her toes is gone completely!

I can’t tell you how much I’ve lost my mind when I saw this. You know that I’m the socks guy, I love dirty and sweaty worn socks so much. But in this case I was totally out of words and had to concentrate so much.

However this is not the end of the story.
The girl did the most breathtaking and abusive shoeplay she could have done in that situation. This was not just a bit of fumbling the shoes around, no. It seemed to me that she had to put her aggressions somewhere.

Stamping on her sandals, rubbing her feet at the edges, scrunching her toes like screaming “lick me”, just to almost kick her shoes high in the air again. It was nerve-wracking. So much, that if the scene had lasted a bit longer, I would have asked her if she likes to give me her socks for money.

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But after 14+ minutes the bus came and they left the place. The whole clip has only 3 cuts in the beginning. The show is completely uninterrupted as she didn’t stop her shoeplay for one single moment.

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