#56 School Girl Nylons

Hyper activitiy

School must be boring, otherwise I can’t explain why this girl did such an extensive shoeplay with her flats in nylon socks during her free time.

8aI remember the days when I was in school. Often I was watching my class mates playing with their shoes and forgot to listen to the teacher. If only the girls would have known what they did to me.

6aEven a few years later I can tell you exactly the names of the girls and their wearing habits. Sneakers, flats, sandals. In some cases I actually knew how long the girls wore their socks. Man I felt weird at that time.


When I watch a shoeplay scene like this clip today, I’m pleased as it reminds me of those days. This girl did a very intense and fascinating shoeplay. I bet she does this often, because her 38 sized flats were outworn at the sides as you can see.

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Enjoy over 13 minutes with short nylon socks, foot rubbing, heel popping and a good reminiscence for the ones who are out of school already. I filmed this show with two cameras at once, so you’ll get some split screens too.

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