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#157 Converse Popper

Finally, Happy New Year! Spring starts with pretty ankle socks and Chucks, now the feet come out again. This year sun and warmth came late, so I went to trade fairs and such. But deep in my heart I like to walk around outside the most, because there are so many things to see. Plus […]


#140 Keds And Chucks

Two sisters with socked feet You’ll barely see one girl with her plimsoles off, now there are just two of them. Call this luck! When I was walking around the town, I saw a young girl eating some german pastries. Her feet were out of her Keds and she had black ankle socks on, one […]


#135 Shuffling Chucks

Rare #2 I know, you guys like barefoot shoeplay in sneakers! Let me tell you: It is so rare this year, I don’t know why. We had fine weather and such, but shoeplay? Negative. Most girls had those Nike sneakers at their feet and as I could see, all with ped socks. Gladly I stumbled […]


#129 Fighting Rebels

Socks, my a$$ Ironically one of those four girls was wearing a T-Shirt with the clip title written on it. And they nailed it! One sunny day I was lingering at the Rhine meadows. I saw four girls lying down without their shoes. Two had Vans, the other had Converse Chucks and all four girls […]


#98 Springtime Girls

Just socks Wave goodbye to the winter time and welcome the first warm sun beams in this hemisphere. Granted, the spring hasn’t arrived at the shoe ware. Yesterday was such a beautiful and warm day here, but most of the girls wore still winter shoes. Luckily we have many places to rest on the grass, […]