#182 Inside And Out

The twen with the teen spirit

Take a pretty young girl with bare feet, give her flats and wait for the fantastic dipping and dangling show.

acThe older a girl gets, the less is her shoeplay. Mostly. But not in this case. A very pretty blonde in her 20ies with bare feet, blue flats and tight blue jeans did a really good shoeplay job for us.

fs2aIt was one of the last warm days, sunny outside and I did a rest at one of my favourite cafés in my town. Normally I have a personal paradigm: “I will drink a coffee, but I do not know where or when.” – I go by the girls, you know :)

In this case I sat at the café already and the girl rushed into my daydream. Just if she begged for being captured. No problem, my dear lady!


It was wonderful. From the very beginning she started to play with her flats like a pro. She dipped, rubbed inside, wiggled her feet from left to right and crumpled her lovely sole many times. This was heartwarming.

1b   9a

Eventually she crossed her legs and it got a bit difficult to catch her feet. I had to adjust myself back and forth to get her second foot. Finally when I managed to get her, she showed a fantastic dangling part. Very skilled with her toes and with a good view inside the sole of her flats.

e2   ha

The 17 minutes is half shoeplay and half dangling, so you’ll get best of both worlds. Unfortunately I had to leave her alone sometime, otherwise the clip would have been an hour or so. What a day.

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