#202 Dirty Soles

Just lick

Imagine you’re rubbing those bare feet with your watered tongue.

e_xOne of those days again when I wasn’t expecting that much. I was sitting around, checking my mobile phone and accidentally discovered those two young ladies. One german, the other turkish. The german was wearing red sandals and the turkish lady had nothing at her feet because she was dipping and playing with her flats-style shoes.

I saw that her soles were rather dirty and smeary, she must have been walking a lot in her shoes. So I focused my camera on her feet and started to capture.

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The lady was dipping in and out of her shoes. She curled her toes, grabbed the rim of the flats and streched her foot again.


When she wrinkled her soles, you got an astonishing view of the yellow tint. I was able to get some very good close-up shots of her feet, although the place was rather crowded.

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Unfortunately no face shot this time, only a small capture from behind. But the stinky soles compensate everything in this 9 minutes clip, enjoy!

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