#216 Shoeplay Business

Young Asian girl in nylon pantyhose and Puma flats

4b_xI was sitting on a bench, resting from my longboard tour. During recording another girl, I discovered a group of business people at the side. Don’t know the specific country, but they were Asians. All men dressed in black suits and there was only one girl with them.

fs1She wore a white blouse, black skirt and a tan colored nylon pantyhose with Puma flats. I suppose that her High Heels were wrapped in her bag lying on the bench.

I saw her dipping with one shoe so I immediately turned around my camera and tried to capture the girl. It was a bit difficult as she was very active, walking around and the group of people stood right next to me.

1a   2

But I managed to get some very great shots anyway. From time to time she stopped walking and paused directly in front of my lens. This was the moment when she pulled off her flats completely and stood right onto them.


She wrinkled her toes, aired out her obviously warm and stressed feet and did some nice heelpopping and dipping moves. BTW, it was almost 30° outside, so imagine…

a   7

A pity that the group left the scene so early, but in summary I got very nice 7+ minutes of that beautiful lady. Enjoy!

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