#200 Anniversary Nylons Vol. 2

Number 200

I like large full numbers, this is a reason to celebrate again!

3_cIt was a no brainer for me that this clip would be a compilation again. Although I had several ideas for special collections, I wanted this to be a nylon clip again. In my database I have so many short clips which are too good to throw away.

fsqSure, I like longer clips the most, but too often there are moments when I’m too late for the capture. Or sometimes I even record one hour but the shoeplay part is only two minutes. This is reality and it happens more often than you might think.

In general I use those clips for advertising purposes, but I don’t want to give away all those gems to leechers at Youtube who won’t ever support me. Fair enough.

So it is time for another round here. And guess what could come with #300? :D


Regarding this video, I glued 15 clips together. Most of them are between 2 and 4 minutes. The girl with the black plimsoles is only 1 minute, the dangling black pantyhose and the young girl with black flats and peeking toes are 6 minutes.

d   ga

b   eb

I put everything in it, so everyone will be satisfied. The age streches from teen to mature. All clips are with nylons, some with nylon socks and some with pantyhose. There is even one girl who had white sneaker socks under her pantyhose.

2   7a

9   5

Most of the shoes were flats in different kinds, but you will see some pumps and wedges also. The shoeplay style is everything from dipping, dangling, heelpopping, wiggling and feet rubbing.

4   6

In summary this clip is 47 minutes long. Enjoy the diversity and THANK YOU!

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