#37 Sucker Socks

Subtle sock play, nervous MDR

Guys, let me tell you: I ran around for weeks and never saw a girl playing with her socks and sneakers, but when I discovered her, I almost dropped my cam!

9aYou rather don’t know how exciting this was. I was standing there at a wall, expected nothing and suddenly saw this young 18yr old girl slipping her dirty socked feet out of her Esprit sneakers. Holy heaven! I was so in chaos that my cam almost slipped through my fingers.

fs2At first I filmed this brown braided haired from behind and called to heaven that it should free a table beneath. BAM! Few minutes later I got a seat and started the second cam to capture the show.

Miss Sock Girl wasn’t in a hurry, because she did slow subtle moves with her feet, curled her sweaty toes around and played tip toe with her shoes.

2   4

Some nice ankle crossing while eating strawberries, wiggling her feet in the air and moving back into her shoes again, just to start some shoeplay and sexy sole rubbing.

7   1

Mates, this freaked me out. Many of you love nylons, me too, but deep in my heart I am a dirty sock sucker, whose only wish is to bury his nose deep into this warm and sweet cave of toes. Love it.

Enjoy 24+ minutes of a wonderful and fascinating candid sock dream!

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