#124 Subtle Soles

Dirty bare feet

Difficult to catch, but yummy to watch.

2aThis was one of those days where I’d like to cry out loud “go away man!” – I saw a pretty girl in her 20ies with her bare feet out of her flats. Her ankles were crossed and her soles were dirty.

fs1aBut, as so often, there was no seat nor other good place to capture. I had to film this through a tiny gap between two flower tubs. And then, it’s unbelievable, the f*cking man left his place, I grabbed his chair and the girl slipped into her flats and went to the toilet… MAN! :D

Anyway, I captured her soles pretty good. She did some very fine toe clamping, spreading and curling, a pleasure to watch.

9   1

Obviously there is no shoeplay, just bare feet with subtle movements. After the girl came back from the toilet, she crossed her legs and played with her feet in her flats, but this is only a short scene at the end, because they left the café then.

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I like such clips, this is reality and that kicks me any time. Enjoy the 10 minutes!

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