#122 Resting Sport Socks

After workout

When a bunch of girls did some sort of sports, their socks will be damply for sure.

5aI stumbled upon these girls while walking around. They were sitting at a restaurant and probably eating salad. All around 20yrs old, but I couldn’t figure out which kind of sports they did. Maybe soccer or handball? Marathon?

fs1aThe protagonist was a pretty girl with an Adidas jacket, Reebok sneakers and thick dirty sport socks, which she was resting at a table pole most of the time.

4She did no shoeplay at all, but massaged and rubbed the pole with her feet and wiggled with her toes sometimes.

At the end of the clip there is a short dipping scene, when the girl puts her shoes back on, which seemed not to be so easy for her.

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Most probably the clip won’t satisfy shoeplay lovers, but I know that there are many guys, who love thick and sweaty sport socks, so enjoy these 7+ minutes!

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