#50 Dirty Nylon Dream

The $100 Clip

I was joking with a friend what a real mega clip must contain: I said, well, dirty nylons, trashed flats and a fantastic shoeplay. Here it is!

daObviously I won’t charge that amount of money, but there are a few things that are highlights for me, because you won’t see this often on the street. There aren’t many girls with real sweaty, dyed and dirty nylons who do much shoeplay as well.

fsBut this young turkish girl did it! I saw her from far away with another young girl and two elder women waiting for a free table at a restaurant. She had black soles, wow, I was thrilled and ran over to them. Heaven sent me a free table too, so I sat down and fired up two cameras.

I was so in love with this scene that I had to apply myself holding my cam still in the hand, I was very nervous as you can guess.

3   6

But I managed to capture a lot of footage. The girls sat there over an hour eating and talking. The shoeplay girl did many many things for us, including heelpopping, extensive ankle crossing and fabulous shoeplay with a very good balance between high activity and calm moves.

9   c

It was really risky to capture face shots, but there are some from the side and behind. The shoeplayer’s friend looked straight to my seat… At least she had sweet bare feet in her sandals which you can see sometimes also.

This clip is almost 31 minutes long, I cutted out some bad scenes with pigeons, people walking in front of the cam and shaky footage. Enjoy!

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