#101 Sweet Wrinkles

Young princess

It makes me mad when I see such soles!

1aAs so often, I was wandering around and discovered a sweet young girl who was barefoot in her flats. This is the kind of combination where I stop immediately to start the capture.

fs1In this case the girl was sitting with another girl and a guy at a table, resting after extensive shopping. She was playing a bit with her toes in her shoes, you will see her soft and yellowish wrinkles shining in your eyes.

Eventually she popped her heels out. This moment is a shiver, because you can clearly see how the dirt of the inner side of her ballerina flats smeared at her heels and the side of her feet.


The girl never really stopped playing with her feet and her flats, although this was no crazy shoeplay like younger girls do more often. Either way, it is a treat watching those young and soft heels and soles.

5   7a

At the end an older lady enters the scene and they changed the seats. It wasn’t possible to get more of the girl as bags were in the way of sight, but in sum you get fine and delicious 9 minutes with a hair shot from my second camera.

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