#75 Office Pantyhose

After work dangling

This sales woman or office clerk seemed to rest after her work, at least she had proper clothes on. What do girls then? Call their girlfriends, right.

9aThe young lady was sitting outside and drinking her coffee after work. While hanging on her mobile phone the whole time, she was dangling her blue moccasins.

fsNice office dress and a black pantyhose. This together with blond long hair, stunning. At this point I could stop telling the story, because this is everything :)

There was nothing weird happening to me, I was sitting on the ground at two positions to capture her heelpops and dangling from the best view I could get.

1   3

You will see a guy in the background who was observing me a while, kinda funny to see this afterwards, but this didn’t distract me in any way.

5   8

After the girl paid her coffee, I was following her a bit around, but lost her at P&C. There is too much security to walk right in with a camera so I stopped the clip after almost 11 minutes. Enjoy the subtle dangling mates!

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