#61 Nylon Footplay

Hole at the tip

I love nylon socks, especially when they are trashed from heavy wearing. This young lady was airing her feet out of her leather pumps.

6aThis is the moment we are waiting for so often: To be at the right place the right time. The lady, I suppose her to be end 20 or beginning 30, was sitting at a table with her girlfriends and had kicked her shoes off.

fs1aHer feet were covered with beautiful nylons, maybe socks, maybe pantyhose, I can’t say that. Nevertheless, she seemed to enjoy moving her feet constantly, especially scrunching her toes and rubbing the metal bar of the table she sat at.

8   3

5   1

One of her toe peeked out of a hole at the tip of her nylons, which gave some shivers to me. I’d like to start licking immediately, but sigh…

Get an almost 7 minutes clip of crossed feet, sweet nylon soles and scrunching and rubbing toes at a cold metal bar which might be your nose.

download the clip