#10 Dirty Bare Soles

Open your mouth and start to lick

This is what you dream of, right? At least for many of you who have the passion for feet. A girl in her 20ies with flats and really dirty feet, this is heaven for us.

4aThis redhead girl, unfortunately with a hair shot from behind only, sat with her mom (who had french nails BTW) at an ice cafĂ© and relaxed in the late afternoon. Her standard black flats aren’t worth mentioning that much, but she had really dirty soles, especially her heels are crusty from dirt. It seems that she was working outside, maybe some garden work or so, because she had several little scrapes around her ankles.

7But what is worth mentioning is her heavy shoeplay she did with her toes in and out of her flats. Crossed the ankles many times from left to right and sensually dipped and turned around her shoe, more than 18 minutes long. She even grabbed the egde and scrunched it as if it would be your nose, this freaked me out. Watch a 20 seconds preview here.

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