#187 Granny’s Toes

Mature nylon pantyhose

Do you like watching toes in the wild? Without shoeplay?

dxGranted, I love shoeplay. Sometimes I find a situation, where almost nothing happens but only a little bit of toe movements. And this is catching me due to a trigger. In the case of the grandma it was the dirty dyed imprint at her toes.

3It’s like the hidden things in general. I love to observe, watch and being a voyeur. Then I start to imagine a full story behind the things I see and sometimes this makes a tension. When will she move the next time? Will her toes wave to me?

This is not everyone’s case, I know, so these kind of clips are pretty rare here at CCF. On my hard drive I have plenty of them and it is a pity that I won’t offer the most, because of “too less shoeplay” or such reasons.

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Sometimes I got a message in the shoutbox or a mail from a visitor who asks me, if I have this or that. In almost every case I have something indeed. Ok, and here it is: A grandma with a pantyhose, visible toes, rough feet, granny flats – and that’s it.


If you like that and you can do without shoeplay, then the 10+ minutes are fine for you. If not, you’ll find this boring. (I’m a bad salesman… :D )

download the clip