#125 Plimsoles Peds Play

In and out, in and out

Sometimes I wonder, why girls are doing that, but ok, this is for us!

aaOn a sunny day I discovered a larger family (or at least family and friends). They were sitting outside on wooden chairs, which had a big pole as a resting place. One of the girls had black and white striped ped socks and plimsoles at her feet.

Those shoes aren’t the best for shoeplaying – I thought. But the girl taught me something other, because she was constantly playing with her shoes.

6   8

Dipping, rubbing inside, slipping in her shoes completely, just to slip out again. And again. One time she almost lost one of her socks, but she pulled it back over her foot.

4   9

A pity is, that she never rested her feet on the pole or crossed her ankles. But I was happy enough to get a solid restless shoeplay, which lasts over 18 minutes long.

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