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#172 Italian Student Pantyhose

Back in business The waiting time is over. I moved to a new home and all is working again. What could be better to start over with hot and fresh nylon shoeplay? I was lucky yesterday, because I just wanted to enjoy the last summer days after weeks of hard work. There wasn’t much time […]


#164 Nervous Pantyhose

I love clamping toes Personally I get a flash when I see soles which are waving to me constantly. It was warm outside. Too warm for wearing leather boots. The same thought had a pretty blond girl, who was sitting with two girlfriends at a table. They were enjoying cold drinks while I was standing […]


#151 Follow Me Around

Pantyhose in flats If I have to go to hell for this, it was totally worth it. It was just one of these days when I walked around and didn’t see much shoeplay. Often I sit down somewhere, smoke a cigarette and observe the people. Until I saw those blue flats through the surrounding legs.


#149 A Hostess A Day

Sitting there for hours Granted, sometimes I’d really like to know what other people around are thinking about me. If you want to get a good clip, you sometimes have to be patient. At trade fairs there are many hostesses, but it isn’t true that there is shoeplay heaven. Often I see women in their […]