#39 Grandma’s Pantyhose

Way back into youth

Who else developed his passion for feet in the childhood with watching aunt’s and grandmommy’s nylons in and out of their shoes?

1aThis is a keyframe for many of us. Playing under the table beneath the legs and feet of the elder women who were drinking coffee and talking about things we did not understand. But their feet, they were addicting somehow.

This red haired mature women sat outside with her granddaughter and was eating ice cream. She is one of the smoking type, you know. Rather the woman who is cleaning her house in a smock than the finicky one styling herself two hours a day.

4   3

She wore mature loafers with a tan and somehow dirty pantyhose, don’t know what this is at her feet :D But the cameras are going near enough so you can count the stitches and examine it by yourself.

53   8

Grandma had a chilling style though, not as flurry as younger girls do their shoeplay, but more calm and elegant. So you need to lean back and enjoy the almost 13 minutes clip with a slow deep breath.

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