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#148 Birkenstock Foot Play

Sweet bare toes A young girl is showing off her pretty feet in her Birkenstocks. Long time the Birkenstock shoes were old-fashioned in Germany. They had a bad reputation and you saw them most probably at greenie’s feet, if at all. This changed about two years ago and more and more younger and pretty girls […]


#144 Just Feet

Sweaty socks in shoes Man, I wished that the girl put her socks on in the end, but no. She went away barefoot on the street. Do you know that? You walk around and see a pretty girl barefoot, discover that she pulled off her socks and stuffed them into her shoes. To be honest, […]


#108 Nervous Nylon Heels

Trashed in every way I love this combination of skinny leggings, tan coloured nylons and a well worn pair of flats. Two pretty young women were enjoying her coffee outside of my beloved bakery. Both girls were in the beginning of her 20ies, one long dark haired, the other blond. The blond girl had Birkenstocks […]


#55 Asian Birkenstocks

A good fake and a wonderful show Some weeks ago a fan said that this summer Birkenstocks will expect a rebirth in Germany. I laughed, but he was right! I know that Birkis are very popular in other countries such as USA or especially the Netherlands. Now they come back to us, as a ¬†well […]