#242 Adidas Playground Love

A tremendous and skilled dangling show

7b_xDo you know the movie “The Virgin Suicides” from the year 1999 with the young Kirsten Dunst? The french electronic music group AIR did the soundtrack and there was this one song called “Playground Love”.

fs1xaThe official music video consists of parts of the movie, but the scenes were built around a new plot and the protagonist was a green chewing gum. Watch it at Youtube, I’m quite sure you’ll love it.

I’m mentioning this, because after I captured the very pretty young girls and their gorgeous Adidas sandals shoeplay, I discovered a green chewing gum on the ground. The absolute hilarious thing was that the gum changed its role during this whole clip :D

2   b

One time it was lovely crushed unnoticed by the rose sandals girl, then it sticked under the sole during a long dangling show. Eventually it fell off and the red sandals girl took over and pushed it around – also without noticing it. I felt the lust and pain of the gum in my body…

6   ba

But for the ones of you who aren’t interested in chewing gums: This whole clip is full of beautiful dangling and dipping scenes. Both girls were very skilled with their feet. The rose sandals girl did more nervous dangling, while the red sandals girl with the green nail polish did more dipping and toe scrunching.

In the middle there is even a short part where the girls started some kind of sandal footsies, pushing their shoes against each other.

9a   eb

One side note: The whole audio part is full of an Anti-Corona demonstration in the background, pure propaganda and shit stuff. I’ve chosen not to mute the audio, lower the volume by yourself and listen to the music of AIR instead.

I’d call the whole 16 minutes clip a love story. While watching this, I could start writing a book or a fairy tale. Maybe the two “Cherry Blossom Girls”? :)

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