#262 Ugly Shoes

…but a fascinating and awesome nylon shoeplay!

5_xSometimes I don’t really know what to write when I publish a clip. Often the pictures are telling much more of a story than words, but in this case I need to explain some of the context.

I was at the Rhine river with my longboard that evening, taking a coffee break and sitting on the concrete. Two girls were chatting next to me and I listened to their conversation. I could not NOT listen to them, as they were talking about her feet and her blisters :D

2Just at the right moment I stepped into their conversation and said that I have noticed their dialog and that I have a passion for feet. Told them about my website and so on. The girls got business cards from me and after a while I left them alone and wanted to drive home.

Until I heard a male voice “Marco?!” – I looked around and there was a guy sitting a few meters away. He observed that I have talked to the girls and counted 1+1 together that I must be THIS Marco from fussphantasie. What a great surprise, I was very pleased and had to laugh.

I sat down next to him and we began talking about our fetish, things we like, what we do in our free time and so on. He also was aware of cc-feet and he liked to capture the girls’ feet too.

3   4

While we were talking, I noticed a muslim family sitting on a bench behind us. One of the ladies, I guess her age in the young 30ies, was wearing tan colored nylon socks and probably the most ugly sandal shoes I’ve seen in a long time. Nevertheless I grabbed my large cam out of my bag and threw it onto my longboard, because the shoeplay was simply amazing, regardless of the fact that her shoes weren’t my type of what I prefer.

7a   8

Really, awesome! Dangling, dipping, toe flexing and scrunching, constantly fumbling for her shoes and letting them drop, quite nervous play which I generally see with younger girls only. Unfortunately the lamps which lightened the place went out after two minutes, I don’t know why. But I was able to recover the footage because my camera has a very good low light capability.

9a   a

So now, why this whole story you might ask? Because I didn’t mute the audio track and you will hear parts of my conversation (in German language) with the guy. As it was mostly me telling him the adventure of clip #223, I found it quite funny to leave the audio in as it was :)

Regarding the turkish lady: 10 minutes of super nice shoeplay. I’ve decided not to show her pretty face here in public as she was wearing a hijab and it is still Ramadan.
Plus, please be aware that this is an evening shot. The quality is really ok, but lower than day time shots for sure. I’ve reduced the price because of that.

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