#245 Road To Madrid

Birkenstock dangling on repeat

d_xWhile the most of us are in quarantine or lockdown, no one can forbid us to do daydreams at home.
Originally I have planned to visit Spain in December, but I moved this idea to 2021. I stay at home and dream of Madrid instead – more precisely dream of this blond student girl with Birkenstock Madrid’s.

fs2aShe was sitting with a girlfriend outside and they had a funny conversation. They laughed a lot and it seemed as if they were planning something, but I couldn’t figure out what it was.
The girlfriend had white Nike sneakers on her feet and did almost nothing with them.

The blond girl was barefoot, had white nail polish on her toes, a beautiful rose tattoo above her ankle and a golden anklet around her leg. In addition she had a slight greek foot, which I love so much… I might say she had the perfect feet for my dreams.

5a   c

She was wearing casual leggings and an oversized T-Shirt. I wouldn’t wonder if she called herself on a “bad hair day” :D Just a simple pony tail, lovely.

shakey_128Regarding shoeplay, the blond girl did everything we could want from a good dangling show. Balancing the Birkenstocks on the tip of her toe, pressing her feet on the back of the shoes to flip them up, wiggling her feet continously and so on.

This leg shaking sequence was extremely funny to watch so I had the idea to make a small gif out of it. It is quite difficult to express the power of moving feet with still images and words, so yeah, this might explain it better.

ac2   6

As a dirty and sweaty foot lover, I especially liked the massive sweaty footprints on the inner sole of the shoes. They were definitely heavy used over time. The girl must have walked many many miles in them, that’s for sure. The rubber sole on the back wasn’t quite existing anymore.


In summary I made a 23+ minutes clip out of it. Shorter than a flight to Spain, long enough to dream of the warm sun, the sea and – sure – her pretty feet. Enjoy!

download the clip