#09 Pink Flats And Nylons

I got a really weird boner

Once I said to a friend that this is one of those clips for the “Award 2013″. My dreams became true at that time, I got heavy goosebumps with those dirty flats!

3aMany of you know me for a long time. You know my passion for flats, my passion for dirty nylon socks and last not least I like pink! Really.
Now think of that, you walk along the road, smoking a cigarette, watching at the ground as ever and then – BAM! A blond girl sitting at a café with her parents, drinking coffee and wearing (what?) pink flats. You look closer and she is wearing (oh my god) nylon socks and those flats are even (hell!!) dirty. Can’t speak anymore…

4   5

Take this, people! This girl is awesome. She crosses her ankles, shakes her feet, scratches her soles, moves her toes in her flats, scrunches her nylons and pops her heels many times. I – WANT – TO – SMELL – AND – LICK! INSTANTLY!
Sorry for shouting, can’t get enough of this 21+ minutes, love them!

download the clip