#184 Teenage Pop

A reminiscence of the last fall

I can’t wait to have spring again, really. I’m so longing for those flats playing.

e1xWinter is a hard time for me. Not only it gets dark early and it is cold outside, there is almost no shoeplay in the wild. Gladly I captured many clips to get over this time, but I need the thrill of filming so much…

fs1aEspecially when it comes to pretty girls playing with her flats. This dark haired girl was sitting on a bench with her little brother. They were eating french fries while resting after a shopping tour, just to mention.

I started capturing from behind under the bench and got a wonderful heelpop show of the girl.

4   8

Eventually they freed a seat so I took place beside her on the bench and captured her bare feet from the side angle. This was the moment when the girl crossed her legs and started a pretty dangling show.

b   c2

Technical side note: Three minutes of the dangling part were a little bit out of focus. Normally I delete those scenes as I only want to provide 100% quality, but in this case I decided to leave this part in the clip as a free bonus for you, it was just too nice to delete :)

h   i

When the girl stopped her dangling, she dipped in her flats again and even pulled her feet outside of her flats.


In summary this 15+ minutes clip is full of heelpopping, throwing feet in the air, beautiful toe cleavage views and more of a pretty youthful girl.

download the clip