#143 Heels And Tires

Motor Show Dreams

This hostess had fantastic nyloned feet

2aaYou may think that it is easy to film a candid clip at a trade fair. After a few fairs I can tell you: It is not. Maybe you’ll capture a few seconds of something, but try to film half an hour and be sure that you’ll get caught.

fsk2But from the beginning. It is common that I walk around and look which stands promise the most. I take some notes and go on.¬†Sometimes it is hard to decide where I should stay or come back at a later time. Do you know the “what if” question? Or the “always too late” phenomenon? It’s really hard sometimes :)

2But at this stand I had to stop immediately, because the girl popped her pantyhose feet out of her high heels and what should I say, the dirty soles looked gorgeous!

The hostess had red nail polish on her toes, a thin tan pantyhose and looong legs with a very short black dress. Long black hair, little bit too much make up (which seems also very common at a Motor Show) but otherwise very pretty to watch.


BTW, in times of gender discussion it seems rather ridiculous how much sexism lives at such a show :D good for us and as you could see with the snapshot from the shoutbox, I had some fun with two other hostesses. Another story.

5Back to the dark angel. Her job was to look pretty and to take selfies with some men in front of tuned and very expensive cars. Nothing else. But this must hurt obviously, because her heels were very high. And yes, I know how uncomfortable this is to stand the whole time on those shoes. So the hostess had no other chance than popping her feet out to get some air.

6When there was no guy for photos, she was playing with her feet, walked around and did some slight stomping with her shoes.

The first part was from behind, so I changed my place three times overall. Maybe this wasn’t the best idea, because eventually the hostess discovered that something was going on. She inspected me a few times, walked away, came back and walked away again while looking back to me.

8   b

She went to her colleagues, so this was obviously the golden moment to leave the scene. I managed to get good 11+ minutes of her and I’m sure you will like it.

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