#07 Blue Flats Bare Feet

Lean back and get ready for a foot thriller

Do you know what I like the most? It is not simple shoeplay, it is the tension, eagerly waiting for the next thrill moment. Will the toes pop out again?

5aThis turkish girl was on shopping tour with her family. Packed with many bags, they sat down beside me while I was drinking a coffee. Fun time! To get the long story short: Everything I like happened, this is shoeplay madness.

The girl does not only extensive heelpopping, constantly wiggling in the flats with her toes and showing us a nice toe cleavage, she had very shaky legs, too. One time she rests and massages the table leg, another time she pops out of the blue in such a hurry that you almost forget to breathe.

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No, I did not forget to breathe, I even had the consciousness to grab my cell phone and shooted another angle at the same time from above. Ok, little bit shaky, yes, but this is a wonderful addition to this great almost 21 minutes show. There is no real face shot but a short view from behind, call it a hair shot or such.

download the clip