#22 Rose Socks At The Sunbed

The spy cam at its best, seriously

To be honest, I almost felt guilty when I decided to put my camera under that dividing wall, but it was thrilling me when I saw the girl at first.

1aEvery few weeks I take a sunbath at my local solarium. This day I had to wait for my sunbed to finish and suddenly a pretty young girl with long brown curled hair walked in.

5aShe was dressed in black, had black bootees on and, to my excitement, she booked the sunbed next to mine. Bingo! Needless to say that my sunbath wasn’t as long as normal, because I had to align the camera and fix it. The gap between the floor and the divider was so small, but it worked :D

2aEnjoy 5+ minutes of a beautiful girl finishing her sunbath and putting on her clothes, socks and shoes. This was a jackpot for me!

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