#249 New Shoes

A student with new Birkenstock Madrid Big Buckle

3b_xThis was a moment where I didn’t thought I would find a clip. I was sitting on a wall with two friends and we were chatting about this and that. Lockdown and social distance was in place so we weren’t allowed to build groups. Our regulatory agency drove by and warned us via loudspeaker. Reminded me a bit of the “внимание внимание” scene in “Chernobyl”, absolute brilliant series by the way.

fs1aThe brown haired girl was standing on the sidewalk, barefoot in her new Birkenstocks and was wearing a thin black leggings. At first she tipped a little bit in her shoes, walked back and forth, turned around to the wall and hopped up.

From there I was able to capture a little dangling show, in summary about 3 minutes long.

5   6a

The last large part of the clip is the girl standing again on the ground, but this time she was dipping, rubbing her feet and wiggling her toes constantly. I couldn’t determine if she was uncomfortable with her new Birkis or if she just wanted to be them “her own”. You know what I mean? Bending the shoes to try to fit them to your feet or pressing your feet into the bed of the shoe to get an imprint.

i   b

Two  side notes: Few moments of the clip are out of focus unfortunately, I lowered the price instead of deleting the scenes. Second, you will hear me talking sometimes to my friends. Both of them know what I do and especially Ruth is helping me here and there when I need somebody for assistance.
She is also the one who is shouting “Marco, white dirty socks on your left, look!” when we are walking around in town :D

d2   a

The whole clip is 10 minutes long, enjoy this fresh air of spring, mates!

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