#30 Orange Tights Dangle

Incredible Dipping Detail

Man, this is high level shoeplay! A Filipina with an opaque orange pantyhose and elegant flats was airing out her sweaty feet and dipped herself into heaven.

2aFrom far away I saw this girl sitting on a rock wall and discovered that she had her feet standing on her shoes, so I walked over and sat down right beneath her.

1I fired up two cameras and dared to capture the most incredible detailed shoeplay ever (until now)! At first she was heavily dipping the tip of her shoes. You can hear the clapping sounds on the ground, she seemed bored and a little bit angry.

7   6

Then she rubbed the sweaty feet on her shoes, slipped right into them and started to dangle like a maniac. It was so amazing to see that the flats weren’t kicked far away in the air, really. What a pro.

Enjoy 11+ minutes of shoeplay with wonderful faceshots, split screen and the most possible detail I have ever filmed. Get ready for a great summer!

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