#18 White Strap Flats

My cam ran out of battery

One of these days when I’d like to kick against trash cans or something. I saw a pretty brunette, barefeet in her white well worn flats, really good.

1I captured the girl at one of my favorite places outside, where she was sitting with two friends. One had red nail polish on her toes in her sandal pumps, but she was rarely seen due to the chairs.

The brunette played gently with her flats, slipped outside of them, does a little ankle crossing and moved her toes in the tip of her shoes. This scene could have been much longer than it really is, but due to my battery fail I had to stop capturing :(

6   3

Indeed you will get 5+ minutes of a solid flats and soles show with a wonderful toe cleavage and a mesmerizing climax at the end.

download the clip