#53 Socks’n Flats

One of my favourite combination

I like this very much and yes, I know that this is not for everyone. Flats shoeplay from a girl with dirty socks, exciting to watch.

5aHow often did I say that? I watched a family eating some burgers. Mother with pantyhose and chucks, daughter with dirty ankle socks and flats. The rest of the family isn’t that much important for us.

4aGirlie started with some feet in and out play, rubbed in her shoes somewhat impatiently and moved on to a little dangle show.

This was a bit difficult to catch, but I managed it in spite of the dangerous setup. Guess, at every time one of those four people has been looking at me, so yeah…

2   6

Eventually the girl put her feet back on the ground and turned her flats around, nice shoeplay at that time. I switched the position again to get both views from behind and from the side.

In summary you’ll get an 18 minutes clip full of shoeplay and dangling with tasty dirty ankle socks plus some shots of the girl’s back side. Enjoy this show!

download the clip