#129 Fighting Rebels

Socks, my a$$

Ironically one of those four girls was wearing a T-Shirt with the clip title written on it. And they nailed it!

2aaOne sunny day I was lingering at the Rhine meadows. I saw four girls lying down without their shoes. Two had Vans, the other had Converse Chucks and all four girls wore socks, three white, one black.

caI’m smiling right now, because I could do an Excel spreadsheet with the different combinations. Three girls blond, one brown haired. Three shoes white, one black. But none of them was matching… and to be honest, this isn’t important at all, I’m just kidding here :D

What the clip is not: a shoeplay clip, obviously. But what it is: A hell of a socks clip, because all socks are worn out and dirty. The black socks are shining in the sunlight and that seems to be the reason why the girls put their shoes off.


That’s the one half of the story. You might ask, why the clip is called after the famous T-Shirt. Here is the answer:

6Eventually one of the girls started to tickle the black socks girl and suddenly all 4 began to fight against each other, throwing grass around and their legs in the air. This was adorable!

But the most adorable thing: One girl gave another a foot massage in the end, just before they put on their shoes and went away.

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I like this clip very much. Innocent rebels having a good time outside. And you can watch 14 minutes of it with a peek of their pretty feet and socks.

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