#142 Little Bare Feet

Princess Flats

It is a joy watching girls when they do shoeplay like an angel

3aThe last days of autumn, it was a warm and sunny day and I was on my way back home. While driving on my moped, I saw this girl sitting outside at a fast food restaurant.

9She was barefoot and had elegant flats at her feet. In addition she wore leggings and a pink dress. The leggings had some sequined stars stitched to it and they fit perfectly to the flats.

It was a rather weird situation, because there was almost no place to capture the scene. I had to sit on my moped and hide my camera behind another bike, so that no one could discover it. Too many people right looking at me…

But it was worth it. The girl did an awesome shoeplay with her flats. She changed her play the whole time. Sometimes she was absorbed in thought while caressing the rim of the flats with her toes back and forth.

5a   e

Another time she kicked her flats around and stomped on them like crazy. This was breathtaking, because you’ll never know when she did something new. A kind of strange tension which I like very much, not only for capturing but for watching also.

6   f

Sadly there was this metal chair which hid a bit of one foot sometimes. But in the next moment I was happy that there was this chair, because the girl caressed it also with her feet. She rubbed and pressed her toes against the cold metal.

This is more than 24 minutes of pure joy. Constant action, almost no still pauses. Ankle crossings, heelpops, toe curlings and most of the time a nice and sensible, sometimes exaggerating shoeplay.

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