#162 Torn Plimsoles

Those sneakers are short before their EOL

If you see those soles, you might imagine how old the shoes are and how the smell will be inside.

8aTwo pretty girls in their 20ies sat at a table outside and were drinking some beer. They spoke English and for tourists it is common that they taste our German goodies for sure.

fs1aFortunately the girl with her blue plimsolls had some goodies for us too. She had dark red dyed hair and was dressed casually. And she was barefoot in her shoes. At least in the beginning of this clip.

The girl dipped, rubbed her feet in her shoes, crossed her ankles and lost her sneakers while balancing them. Such a pretty play.

1   7

Eventually she put her feet onto her sneakers so that we can see that she had red painted toenails. By the way, her friend had black flats but didn’t do any shoeplay. I’m mentioning this just for the record.

3   6

After a good amount of time and shoeplaying, the girl lifted one of her foot. I couldn’t see what she was doing at first, but then I discovered that she put on some dirty white ped socks with laces.

a   ba

I was able to catch the second foot as a whole when the sock slipped over her toes.

Get almost 11 minutes of a very nice and most probably sweaty shoeplay.

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